Not too long ago, car lots were everywhere and made a killing, selling car after car. Now though, all of that has changed, most of the money that these car dealerships are seeing now is mainly from the money they make off of outdated contracts and the sales of parts.

This all started a few years ago, right around the time of the Recession. The reason for this being, the fact that no one really had money to spend on a new car unless it was absolutely necessary. This was around the same time public transportation hit an all-time high, while the Car Dealership's plummet was only beginning.

Gone are the days of riding along with mom and dad, tired, hungry and bored, prepared to sit at the car dealership all day. Today's technology has made the car buying and selling process ten times easier and cheaper. While this may be a good thing for us consumers, the good old car salesmen are getting hit hard with the depressing sight of empty showrooms. Those people who used to fill the car dealership's showroom are now spending their weekends lounging around and taking half the time purchasing and selling their own vehicles online.

What a waste of time

It literally used to take an entire day at the car dealership, getting talked at and being in an office signing overly wordy paperwork, just to bring home a new or used car.

Not anymore, instead of having to wipe your entire day clear to spend the whole day at the dealership, you can now take only a few hours getting the same stuff done from your smartphone, with your entire day still intact.

The hour or so you used to have to spend getting walked and talked around some car dealer's showroom, you can actually cook breakfast, take a bath and pick and choose the make and model of the vehicle you want online.

The amount of time that one saves buying a car online rather than going to the car dealership is ridiculous! First, you must include the travel time and expenses; you must also input the time that you must sit or stand there getting talked at by the salespeople trying to up their ending commission off of you. Let's not even get on the subject of the hours upon hours you have to sit in an office dealing with miles of confusing paperwork.

At the end of all this you are left tired, hungry and pounds lighter of the money they took from you before walking out the door for the day, oh and a car.

Anything you can do I can do better

At first, it started with being able to go online to be able to see what was in stock at your local dealership. You would still have to go to the dealership for everything else, but the time walking around physically when arriving was cut out completely.

Technology is doing what it does best, shut the whole game down by making the entire experience a thousand times easier and convenient for us — the consumers.

Now the year is 2018, and virtual dealerships have come leaps and bounds from what we once knew as the car buying experience.

You can now refinance, finance, buy and sell a car all online. You can even order the desired vehicle to be brought directly to you for a test drive.

So technology and virtual car dealers have financing, buying, selling, trading as well as having better picks and options for the buyer, on top of "car delivery"? Yes, I believe the Test Of Time has come for the good old car lot, and I don't think they passed. Another thousand jobs taken by technology.