The idea of building the US-Mexico Border Wall was an election promise of Donald Trump. There are walls and fences existing at places along the border but there are gaps through which unauthorized people enter. The purpose of the continuous wall would be to plug all such entry points and prevent the entry of illegal migrants and drug smugglers into the United States. He had also indicated that Mexico would fund it. However, as things stand, there is no confirmation from the other side on this aspect. A report by the Dallas News presented many facts used in this article.

Newsweek reports that, in view of the entry of drugs into the country, it is necessary to build the border wall. Donald Trump is of the opinion that many people had come into the country under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan, which has to be reviewed since it will expire in March.

Problems with the wall

The work on the border wall is progressing at a very slow pace, and some prototypes have been built based on the rigid specifications that have been spelled out. The length of the continuous wall between the United States and Mexico would be nearly 2,000 miles and the estimated cost is expected to run into billions of dollars. This is not readily available and the project is faced with problems of funding.

There was a proposal to install solar panels on the wall so that the electricity generated could be sold to create funds to pay for the development costs. The problem is that the infrastructure necessary to transfer the energy from the panels to the electric grid has yet to see the light of day.

Dallas News reports that Donald Trump wants the wall to be the see-through type and it need not run for the full length of 2,000 miles because natural barriers like rivers and mountains are existing.

A reason for the see-through type is to know who the person is on the other side. The specifications for the prototype walls call for aesthetically pleasing structures that will be strong and imposing and cannot be breached in any way whatsoever.

Issue of the environment

Another major issue is the impact of the border wall on the environment.

In order to build the US-Mexico border wall construction material would have to be brought in, which will result in the increase of a carbon footprint. Moreover, the wall would pass through wildlife habitats and put the lives of endangered species in peril because they would lose their natural habitats.

The proposed wall between the United States and Mexico would deny free access to animals like jaguars, which would hamper their movements and affect their survival. These animals are on the list of endangered species.