While Americans are fixated on President Trump and his administration, watching everything he does and says, one issue that many Americans don’t pay much attention to, is religious liberty and what it means to Americans.

How often Americans pay attention to events or news stories in other nations is unknown, but when it comes to Canada, Americans may watch an occasional sporting event, but what many haven't paid attention to, is the erosion of religious liberty in Canada and the question is, is America next?

Emilie Kao of the Daily Signal reported on Thursday (Dec.

28) that Canadians are facing the dilemma of religious liberty discrimination. Although the nation was founded on the indication of religious pluralism, which in Quebec, Canada, Catholics were once allowed to engage their faith without inference, now seems to not matter anymore as we head into 2018.

Christian discrimination on the rise

In November, Christian parents in Alberta, Canada were barred from attempting to adopt a child. Why? According to the government, their Christian views about sexuality were not compatible with the Alberta government’s so-called “bureaucrat position” in which the government asserted that the Christian couple’s Christian beliefs that having an intimate relationship are not allowed until that person is married, did not create a protected, beneficial, loving, and inclusive home.

Then in June, Ontario enacted a law, (once again, government intervention) that will allow state agencies to use their authority to block religious liberty minded-families from adopting or even foster any child if the parents refused to encourage the child from switching their gender individuality. If the parents refused to allow their child to do that, then as far as the government of Ontario is concerned, that denial equates to, yes you guessed it, “child abuse.”

Sound familiar?

The Obama administration did the same thing with its autonomous anti-Freedom Of Religion decision. In that decision, “we the government” would interpret what constitutes a person’s sexual orientation and their gender identity, regardless of what body parts a person is born with. With that analogy, a person can be anything they want to be, an animal for instance, no matter what anyone else says.

What is happening here in America is following the same pattern in Canada. For instance, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which by the way, got its start from Roger Baldwin, a communist sympathizer, decided to sue the state of Michigan over that state’s legislation that would have allowed religious faith-based adoption agencies to place children into homes whose parents are under a government contract.

In 2015, a Christian university, Gordon College, was condemned by the mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, because of the colleges’ religious beliefs concerning marriage after the president of the university sent a message to then, former President Barack Obama, who asked to be exempted based on their religious views, from his executive order concerning hiring practices when it comes to gender orientation.

If that wasn’t enough, the mayor then prohibited the college as well as its students, from using a meeting hall within the city limits, a hall that they had used many times in the past. Then the Lynn Public School system refused to hire any students who majored in education from Gordon College.

Moreover, in the US and Canada, governments and accreditors are becoming more and more hostile to those who graduate from Christian colleges, to be able to work in their chosen career fields after receiving their degrees. The latest attack on Christians occurred in Oregon, where an Oregon appeals court upheld the stiff fines that were levied against Christian bakers who declined to make a same-sex wedding cake, never mind taking into account that the same-sex couple could have easily bought a ready-made baked cake from those same bakers.

Are there any solutions?

What I wrote here is only 1/10th of the incidents happening in both countries. If nothing is done soon, then those Christians who are facing genocide in many areas of the world by ISIS and the Jewish people, who are facing increased instances of anti-Semitism in Europe, will become defenders of their "own" future. Why? Because based on historical facts, both America and Canada, who were once defenders of religious freedom around the world, are now faced with the extinction of religious freedoms due to political correctness and government interference.

As far as solutions, t is time for Christians in Canada and America to join and form alliances to protect religious liberties, especially in relation to marriage, family, and morals, from the evils of this world.

If not, we as nations will fall by the wayside and fall into the violent influence of the oppressors. Those religious oppressors and governments will not back down and neither should the good Christians in both countries. Because if lose your freedom of religion, what other freedoms will you, the people, lose?