Each week I fully expect to be the last. The reason is, I am evolved. My lord! How crazy is this writer? Not a bit. Let me explain. A certain level of evolution is needed to see through Donald Trump. It is needed to reject his dictatorial con artistry.

We Evolve by understanding that we are first and foremost thinking beings. We have the dignity of being able to rule ourselves. We are already there all we have to do is turn one switch and our evolution is underway.

But our evolution — most people are evolved — is threatened by the actions of Donald Trump and the acquiescence of the GOP.

These persons are distinctly unevolved. They do not operate with the two magnificent tools we all possess — ethics and aesthetics.


When we are evolved it means we think about the ethics of our actions and we commit that they be both true and beautiful. We see ourselves as aesthetic as artists who make history. We may do it by simply getting through a day in a peaceful and caring manner. We may sit and think about something and express it and share it. We are alive!

Being evolved is a condition, not a fixed state. Someone can act and express in an evolved way and then revert to the mode of the unevolved.


What is being unevolved? It is not allowing space and time to permit the mind to function.

It is going through the day seeing things as challenge and response only. It is swatting without looking. It is hearing without listening.

It is seeing things as this or that and nothing else. It rejects the freedom to select options on the basis of their goodness, truth, or beauty.

Take care

There is evil afoot. It is the evil of seizing powers that can be used to intimidate and frustrate our evolution.

It is asking us to serve as part of a citizenry based on thoughts that are racist and sexist and even flat out hateful.

We have a president who fires up binary resentment, resentment that sees either our way or no way at all. When we mindlessly cry USA or MAGA we are suggesting the values of exclusion and ganging up. These are hardly evolved.

Recovering who we are

It is not a big deal to allow who we are to become manifest. It does not make us perfect. It does not mean we need not seek forgiveness for the things we've done that have hurt or harmed. It does not mean the world is about to turn into Emerald City at the end of a yellow brick road. It means that mega-transformation is where it always has been — within us.

Why is the individual important? Because the person has the power to become who they are. No one else possesses it or controls it.