Socrates had no love for Democracy. He understood that without wisdom an electorate could be conned. Tradition suggests that he was executed by a narrow vote.

The video below is my source for these snippets. My purpose is to prove to you that Triadic Philosophy is a universal weapon to defeat oligarchy, dictatorship and other egregious elements of evil. Let me explain.

Unless we start with thought we are cooked. That is the same thing as saying that we are conscious beings. But there are two sorts of thinking. One is not friendly to consciousness.

It is called binary thinking. Then there is triadic thinking and that does the job. Why?


#Triadic thinking sees that out of the vague confusion of reality emerges the blunt, hard truths of values. With inspiration drawn from reality, it happens that the three most important values of triadic philosophy are, in order, tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

Among the virtuous actions that helpfulness gives rise to is education.

In essence, to have viable democracy it must be an educated democracy. Without a triadic approach, we automatically assume if democracy has problems we need a different form of government. With a triadic approach, we see that an educated electorate is necessary for democracy to keep from veering off into demagoguery.

Socrates was right

The video makes my triadic point crystal clear.

But the title of the video is a case study in the use of the binary to obfuscate and distort. Just because you see more than one thing is involved in a solution does not mean you hate the one and love the other.

That is a notion found in the New Testament. Whether Jesus ever thought it or not is an open question.

Democracy requires values

Democracy without education is toast. It is an invitation to mob rule.

Triadic Philosophy would argue that all education should begin with its fundamental keywords -- Reality. Ethics. Aesthetics. Draw what you are thinking from Reality, submit it to Ethics, and arrive at actions or expressions which are Aesthetic.

Triadic Philosophy rescues the aesthetic from its prison in the art world.

The three values we should consider always are tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Democracy requires education, the essence of helpfulness, to work. Ignorance, particularly of values, is death to democracy.

Triadic thinking does not allow escape into binary simplicity. Thinking is not always easy. But it happens to be the gift that makes us human.