Today's trump distraction — whoops drama — is Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, some dramas lead to conflict and some conflicts become wars. Trump has shown no hesitation in trolling for war. That is a monstrous fact, if true. I can see no reason why it would not be true. From schoolboy threats to North Korea to this latest action, we are being beset with the whims of a madman.


I have used this description before and it can be authenticated by simply stating that this term is culturally acceptable in an era when advertising executives can be described as being mad.

It also happens to conform to the opinions of a growing number of persons who are professionally engaged in the helping professions. The only people who have serious trouble with this designation are GOP legislators who hold the key to whether Trump stays or goes.


Now AXIOS, which is sort of a new star on the Web news horizon, gets into the act with a designation that clearly suggests madness. I leave it to the reader to explore the short and sweet article in which the Pope, among others, blanches at the madness of our president.


The point I wish to make is that Trump is doing exactly what he always does.

He takes us backward. He wants to resurrect a past which was dead and buried long ago. He wants to do that with America. And now he wants to do it with the evolving reality known as religion.

Religion is presently confronted with an agonizing problem. It is more and more untenable to propound universal religions when you are not in fact universal.

This is compounded by the premises of many religions, particularly the most contentious of which are the three Abrahamic faiths.


The smart thing for religion to do is to morph into Spirituality and begin to assist people in coming to terms with the quantum world where diversity and freedom mingle with rules and laws in happy confusion and constant expectation.

Trump will have none of this.

The president wants to play the ISIS game. If ISIS calls us Crusaders, that is exactly who we will be, with the aid of the best hardware the military-industrial can provide.


If you do not think stupidity reigns, think again. It is stupid not to look forward and see tomorrow as your best chance. It is stupid to move a bonfire into a powder keg. It is supremely stupid to think that words do not come back to bite you. Trump has been skewered by those closest to him. The reasoning has been accurate. The GOP Senators who allow him to continue at the helm are complicit in the fallout that is building.

I do not expect that words largely unread will get a reading among these GOP worthies. But in a quantum world thoughts are more supple than ever. We shall see how long Mr. Trump can push us into the past.