trump can always be predicted. If you say, immigrants, cruelty is the keyword. If you say vacation, you say millions. Then you may say lies. Because each of these newsworthy issues is, like everything Trump, subject to controversy. Trump's vacationing has cost us around $100 million, maybe much more, and that exceeds Obama's expense over his whole two terms. Let the fake news parade begin.

The same is true of the immigrant story. If you are objective the story is increased raids and documented cruelty. It was a dumb idea in the first place.

Our global standing goes down, terror is not affected, and Trump could care less.

But in Trump-world, the thought that it makes sense to sock it to the brown and black is rarely a matter of debate. Just don't call it racist.

Giving away the game

I have already given away the game. The game is called Binary Bluff. When you reach the contracted-mentality of our president, you are in a place where there are only two sides to any question. My side and the wrong side. Take my side or I will attack you, skewer you, and you know what? I am the president. I hold the power. So there.

This sort of logic is not confined to the man from Mar-a-Lago. It is prevalent wherever fandom and intense and visceral competition are present. It is the stuff of hype. It rejects reason, consciousness and even logic itself.

Hidden news

The fact is that funds are plentiful if you are president and more and more paltry as their availability shrinks.

At some point, as we descend through millions of Americans, genuine pain and poverty take hold. This is where stories generally end.

We do not tell the true story which is that the playing field needs leveling. That goes against the binary game. That requires the imposition of some ethical values.

Sometimes there will be an amazing documentation of pain and poverty.

The New York Times will over one of these every year or so. It will maybe be nominated for a Pulitzer. Then everything will go back to the skewed normality in which we live.


But some things surface and do not go away. It is like a dance. A binary show. Part of the madness we prefer instead of reason, care, and planning.

There used to be a radio show when I was a kid called "Truth or Consequences". That was before Lying Donald. Today truth and logic are on hold and power plays with lives like drunks trying to play dominos. If one looks at Obama with eyes of reason and truth, one finds some serious flaws. But they do not come close to the normal errors in Trump world.