Reality is the first term in Triadic Philosophy's key triad. Reality, Ethics, and Aesthetics. Three basic meanings can be assigned to it. Reality is more or less mystery. Reality is image-based and therefore a spur to language. Finally, reality is all there is. There is no unreal despite our binary oppositions. Triadic Philosophy exists precisely because it is imperative that we move past our binary inheritance.

The three elements of reality are all of paramount importance. If reality is all there is, it is clear that most of it is a mystery to everyone.

This is less so to those who can fathom the body, the local geography, the oceans, the continents, or the cosmos. The very sentence you have just read should begin to induce some humility in the face of all we do not know. I insist that I have no idea of most of everything within my immediate vision, starting with how my fingers move in the first place.

To explain reality in 400 words is impossible but some signposts can be developed. Mystery is a good sign.. Everyone on the planet is awash in it and as Triadic Philosophy takes hold, the notion that we can easily say what anything actually is becomes at least questionable.

Vagueness is also a good sign, as is the idea that the word "all" is synonymous with the word reality.


Vagueness is not hard to admit. Waking up is a paradigm of vagueness and almost any exertion of our consciousness begins with a sort of chaos within. Images are how the mind tends to operate but we cannot do much with them without language.

This vagueness gives birth to words. We derive speech from the need to communicate beyond signs alone. A word is a sign, as is everything else, but it is a sign that we are conscious and capable of both good and ill.

Reality is all

The most revolutionary thought underlying Triadic Philosophy is its conclusion that reality is the whole kahuna, everything you can imagine, everything there is.

This is at odds with every dualistic thought that has ever been. It is at odds with the sort of thinking that differentiates between this and that. It does not mean there is no this or that, it just means that when we think consciously we do not permit sides to predominate. We think in threes and threes are infinite.

Seeing reality means rethinking everything we have segmented into pairs: male and female, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, black or white. Take the "ors" out and add "ands." When we say something is unreal it most often does not mean that it does not exist, but triadic thinking goes further: It has scholastic roots and it is highly realistic. Thus, it finally advances the remarkable assertion that there is no nothing.