Bear with me. I'm going to hit you with three terms that may be understandable, but I want to define them and show how they are linked.

Cybercommunities are my imaginings regarding the next stage of human habitation. Digital Art is the playing I do on my computer that results in images. Aesthetics is the third term in my root triad -- the foundation of what I call Triadic Philosophy.

Though much can be said about Triadic Philosophy, it actually boils down to a modest number of keywords that are basic to a discipline that I call Triadic Thinking or Triadic Meditation.

Because the words to me are of key importance and because I believe all are philosophers, I merely propose them as elements of the thought castles each builds from their own experience with their own unique vision.

Moving to action

Philosophy should move to practical results, visible events, actions, and expressions that are real, measurable and can be examined scientifically. Where Triadic Philosophy moves past the 'Pataphysical (complete with Jarry's apostrophe) is its somewhat earth-shaking claim that we can and should measure goodness. The absurdism of the 'Pataphysical ends when you are willing to suggest that good can be realized, that harm (evil) can be identified, you are treading into an area that is almost forbidden to philosophers.

But I maintain that this was the implicit revolution within the thought of Charles Sanders Peirce. He called his evolved pragmatism, pragmaticism.


Here is Peirce's own definition of pragmaticism.

And here is one among several articles about the 'Pataphysical.

So how do I link cybercommunities, digital art, and aesthetics? I see both digital art and cybercommunities as acts and expressions and therefore as an end product of the three stages that make up triadic philosophy. Reality and ethics eventuate in the acts and expressions I call aesthetics.

I use the word aesthetics to wrest it back from the art world where it most definitely does not belong. It is a universal aspect of what it is to be human.

Toward a better future

I see a future in which all people are going to be philosophers and all people are going to see their actions and expressions as both a means of earning their keep and gaining a sense of worth.

To be a philosopher is to give yourself the real and distinct honor of seeing that you have a uniqueness that is both precious and able to be of help to you and others. It makes no difference what it is as long as you accept that your reality needs to be tolerant, helpful, and democratic. Your output is whatever floats your boat. I hope this opens up a door or two.