Any Star Wars fan out there that has not seen the newest installment should head to theaters to see it. Rian Johnson created an entertaining film with lots of surprising twists and turns. Johnson’s film, however, was quite polarizing. It received a great critic score on Rotten Tomatoes of over 90%, but its user score was in the 50's. In general, I lean toward the ninety percenters, but I did have some problems with the movie that I would like to get off my chest.

Leia’s Spacewalk

Early in the movie, the First Order successfully targeted the Resistance’s main ship, and blew open the part where most of the leaders of the Resistance were.

Many high-ranking officers, including Admiral Ackbar, were killed. Leia is presumed dead when she is seen floating through space with her eyes closed, but suddenly, she opens her eyes and basically flies toward the ship so she can be saved. Overall, it is a weird scene. She should be dead, but somehow, she regains consciousness rather quickly in the middle of space with no oxygen or anything. Then, she can somehow control where she goes and flies past the debris. I am taking a guess and saying that she was using the force, but this was one of the few weird and unusual applications director Rian Johnson used. There was no moment where they address what happened, and they will probably go through the series without a true explanation.

Yoda destroying the 'Jedi Tree'

When Yoda visits Luke, most people in the audience were happy to see the force ghost of a classic character. Yoda helped clear Luke’s clogged up mind about the Jedi, before forcing lightning to strike down the tree where the ancient books were kept. Yoda’s ability to use the force while dead did not annoy me when I was watching it, but when I began to look back on it, it troubled me more.

If force ghosts can use the force and have the power to strike lightning down on a specific spot, then why have they not been doing that forever? Why have they not been helping light bring down the dark side? If Yoda were to do that in battle, then he’d be able to kill a lot of storm troopers and no one would be able to kill him because he is a ghost.

I hope they do not continue this ability in Episode Nine.

Luke’s battle with Kylo

Luke Skywalker squaring up against Ben Solo was a fight all fans were waiting for. It did not disappoint; Luke showed off his abilities while making Kylo look like an amateur at times. It was not until Kylo tried to slice through Luke that we realized that Luke was just projecting himself. What got on my nerves about this was that Luke was able to choose when he projected himself as a hologram and when he could project himself as actually there. In my mind, everything should have gone through him like a real projection, and Kylo would have realized it when he began battling Luke. Alternatively, he could have actually been there, though he would have died from all the shooting, or from Kylo’s light saber going through him.

This now leads into my idea of the whole projection through the force. I was not a fan of it. In my opinion, I think communicating and talking through the force is fine, but I did not like the projection/visually there thing. I did not like that they could touch and feel and be somewhere else through the force. I know I will have to come to terms with it, but these are just my thoughts on it.


Contrary to what you may believe after reading this, I very much enjoyed this movie. I was entertained throughout. I was just disappointed in a few things like the parts I mentioned above, plus the lack of Snoke’s backstory, and Rey's uneventful one. Still, my eyes were constantly glued to the screen.

I just believe that in this movie, the flaws are more obvious. If you are reading this and thinking I hated this movie and want to boycott everything Rian Johnson does, then I am sorry to disappoint you, because “The Last Jedi” is a fine movie in my eyes.