I am old enough to have caught the New Age wave when it was just getting to its pre-Canyon Ranch phase. This was when there was some cache in getting invited to Esalen. It was a cagey attempt to take something of universal import and turn it into a commercial venture which made a mint for its promoters and left the rest of the world to its own devices. I think the rest of the world won out on that bargain.

To me, the New Age and much of its aftermath have been almost insufferable. I did the communal thing back then and I can report that venality knows no political, economic or ethical character.

We are all culpable and some are more culpable than others.

The way to deal with fallibility, beyond therapy which is nonexistent for most, is to learn a daily mode of confession and absolution. The Lord's Prayer is a good starting point.

New Age?

One reason the New Age is perhaps looked on with a measure of skepticism is its advocacy of Consciousness. This is in fact simply the truth. Consciousness has been turned into a commodity by those who believe they are its custodians.

That is unfair but no one said we are always judicious and charitable. The fact is that consciousness describes our reality no matter who we are. It may open up the most mystical realms for some. But its function is a good deal more pedestrian.

Consciousness should not be fenced in by the notion of the New Age. It should be seen as the context in which all people exercise the modest amount of freedom all people possess.

That is the freedom to make choices. The more choices the better. When you get down to this or that, you are in the binary territory. Pretty soon you are choosing between war and no war.

We need to have many more choices and open our minds to that reality.


Having more than one choice means that we can all think outside the box. That is what consciousness makes possible. It is a sign of an amazing capacity that may extend everywhere.

We do not have to know the extent of it to be aware of its relevance to each of us. It is giving ourselves a good talking to, to quote Dylan.

The New Age has, in fact, seeped from its protected enclaves into the world. We have all benefitted from some of its post-Nietzschean positives. A bit more fitness, a bit less carnivorousness, a widening of tolerance. We are not lost by any means. But we need to push on to the realm of Charles Sanders Peirce.

Fallibility, Continuity

Fallibility and continuity are among the terms that rise from the pragmaticism of Charles Sanders Peirce. Note I did not say pragmatism. I added some letters because Peirce himself did. Thereby hangs a tale if you can pursue the word pragmaticism. If not, stay tuned.