Alright, Roy Moore, I think it is time to gather up your belongings and whatever pride you have left and get out of dodge, or more precisely, the Senate. The people of Alabama have spoken, and they did not choose you to fill the state’s empty Senate seat, so get over it. Regardless of what lawsuits or claims Roy and his campaign hurl at people and courts, the election results will not change. Sadly, it did not work for Hillary, and it will not work for Roy Moore and his agenda.

Ghosts come back to haunt

Roy Moore has a significantly questionable past.

During his reign as Chief Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court, Mr. Moore sided more often with a defendant accused of sex crimes than the victim. If that is not enough to make one shudder, how about the latest sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore, himself?

Over the last few months, several women have come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct. The allegations, albeit, from decades ago, should still warrant questioning and scrutiny of Mr. Moore’s moral compass and beliefs. Even though he claims innocence and professes his strong belief in Christianity, I find the religion of hypocrisy more fitting for Roy. Remember, “you reap what you sow.”

Mr. Moore had to have known that one day his protection of the “bad guy” and himself being labeled as such would come back to haunt him.

Unfortunately, the passage of time will prevent Roy from ever facing a court of law on the accused side of the bench. However, just knowing that Roy Moore will not go forward as an Alabama Senator should allow plenty of people to rest easy.

Quit your crying

Even though his ghosts have come back to haunt, and the special Senatorial election has been certified, Roy Moore will not admit defeat.

His refusal to concede the win to Doug Jones has many questioning if it is a result of his ego talking, his ultra-conservative cronies egging him on, or just plain stubbornness. Only Roy knows.

Regardless of his reasoning for throwing such a ridiculous tantrum over his electoral loss, Roy needs to grab the nearest box of Kleenex, wipe away his tears, and ride off into the sunset on the horse he rode in on.

Maybe Mr. Moore could ride that horse all the way to Mar-a-Lago or the Trump International Golf Course in Florida.

I am sure Trump will be around those parts for at least 87 days next year. Donald would certainly have no problem penciling in a round or two with Roy. The two of them have plenty in common and could have some good-old-boy “locker room” talk over a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.