Without any reasons given, Guy Fieri announced the New Year’s Eve closure of his famed restaurant Guy’s Kitchen and Bar in Times Square. The outspoken celebrity chef is not one to shy away from much, except eggs. This silence following the announcement has left many wondering, why? So, until Guy or someone on his team speaks out and sets the record straight, here is what I came up with, my top five reasons for the restaurant's closure.

1. Silence is deadly, maybe the food was worse

Ignoring the silence from Mr. Fieri and his team, I read the 2012 scathing review from The New York Times food critic Pete Wells.

After five years in business is it possible customers finally agree with Mr. Wells assessment and figured out the food was not as tasty as one anticipated? Although bad tasting food could be a sufficient reason for closing the restaurant, it would warrant further asking “if the food was so terrible, how did Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar post $17 million in sales this year?"

2. Moving on

What if Guy’s customers were tired of shelling out almost $20 for a burger and figured it was time to move on? Honestly, no one in their right mind, except New Yorkers, are willing to pay such a premium for an everyday menu item. Customers finally wised up. With a hint of a Ponzi scheme, is it possible Mr. Fieri felt it was the perfect opportunity to close shop, take his menu, and seek out other gullible hungry folks?

3. Lost a bet

It is well known that Guy Fieri has several restaurants throughout the US, including locations inside casinos and cruise ships. What could be the big secret behind the closing of Guy’s Kitchen and Bar? Could it be a consequence of Guy and his friends having a few too many of his Caliente Margaritas one evening?

Maybe on a crazy drunken whim, Guy bet the restaurant and lost it to one of his buds? When considering the likelihood of this scenario, remember, people have wagered crazier things.

4. Convertibles and snow, a definite no-no

As a lover of convertibles of many flavors, Guy Fieri may have realized that driving one of his beauties throughout the northeast during winters with six feet of snow was more than this roadster could handle.

His love of cars won out over his love of food. That simple.

5. Turning over a new leaf

There is the possibility that over the years, Guy Fieri, who has owned restaurants and hosted Food Network shows, including his Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, has decided to turn over a new leaf and go rogue. Think about it, is it conceivable that Guy has chosen to give up the greasy spoon and become vegan for 2018?

I envision Mr. Fieri wanting to share his new love of everything organic and would not leave the current restaurant location but casually change the restaurant’s name to Guy’s House of Greens. The menu would boast a plethora of leafy concoctions, that would assure regularity and wellness. Sadly, his signature Donkey sauce will not make the cut.

Using his animated and boisterous tone, I know Mr. Fieri will eventually speak about closing Guy’s Kitchen and Bar, answering all our questions. Until then, as a fan, I can only wait in anticipation and speculate. There is one other potential reason for closing the restaurant. What if it is a precursor to Guy Fieri surprising us with an even wilder and more off the chart culinary adventure?