Every time we sit down in the barber’s chair we are putting our social life into the hands of another person. Heck, you could even argue we are putting our life in their hands, considering the barber is holding a very sharp object near some pretty critical parts of our body.

This became a thing when ABC7 news reported that a Wisconsin barber was arrested for attacking one of his clients by nipping him in the ear with a pair of scissors. However, what he did to the man’s hair was even worse, because the victim has to walk around with this for the next 5 months or so.

The barber did have a good defense, he said the man wouldn’t stop fidgeting.

What are the worst haircuts on Twitter?

We began to wonder, so what are the worst haircuts on Twitter? The problem was not a lack of choices, it is too many choices. There are just a ton of Bad haircuts walking around the world today.

So here are the top five we could find, but we want to stress there are a lot to choose from, so don’t be offended if we missed (fill in with the name of the person you really dislike).

Always be prepared to have your mugshot Twitter ready

One thing you should always be prepared for it to have your mugshot tweeted around the world. Clearly, this guy was not thinking about during this photo.

Some people need mirrors or to have a spouse check them before they leave

How, with all of today’s technology, did this man walk out of his house looking like this?

I just hope that’s some type of hair tonic or gel used to keep his hair plastered to his head.

So, is this real, fake, alive?

Hey, I have to admit, as a follically challenged person (i.e. bald), I admire this guy’s amount of hair.

But, you have to admit, it does look like it could stand up at any minute, and walk off his head.

It's the hair, really

This guy just needs to grow a little more hair to bring this whole ensemble together.

Ummm, yeah, well...so this happened in some barbershop

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to say. No, I mean I really am at a loss for words. Other than I think it does take a lot of skill to get a perfect line like that all the way around somebody’s head.

Kudos for that!

Bonus head!

I have to say, Kim Jong-un doesn’t have to change anything about his look because, well, he has nukes. But, you would think the one man who seems to have the United Nations, China, and the United States dancing to his tune would do something to make himself look less like a cartoon and more like a world leader. Then again, he has nukes, so I guess he can wear his hair however he wants.