When I heard about the new tax plan that was being promoted by the GOP as being ‘a boon to Middle-Class Americans’ to say that skepticism ruled would be an understatement. Yet, attention was still paid to what they were saying because it has the potential to either negatively or positively affect my family and millions of other families in this country.

Who benefits the most from this new bill?

There were rumblings before the recently published report by the Tax Policy Center that this new bill would mainly benefit the top 1 percent (wealthiest in this country) and would do more harm than good to the rest of the population.

Still, the majority of Americans were willing to give this new bill ‘a look-see’ just to see if the rumors would be proven wrong. Sadly they were not.

As was long suspected not only by the Democrats but also by several other interest groups – this tax plan makes it easier for big corporations to skate around from paying their fair share in taxes. Now that the report confirming the rumors has been published, what now?

The battle isn’t lost yet as there are several steps involved in a bill being made into law and already there are signs that this latest Tax Bill will face significant opposition to get to that point. At any of the estimated seven stages, this bill could be damaged or even killed before it ever gets to the President to be signed into law.

What can you do to help ‘steer the tide?’

At this stage, you the people stand the most chance of impacting some type of change in terms of where this bill goes next. Find out the contact details of your state senator, let him or her know that you are concerned about what this bill could mean to your taxes and the deductions that come out of your income.

Ask questions and get clarifications on the full impact of the bill on your overall taxes.

Another thing that you can do to help share your opinions on what this tax bill could mean for you and your family is to follow - where possible, your representative online via social media. Let them know - via a public and Impactful forum, what your concerns are and ask them the questions that will best provide clarification to those questions.

We need to hold our representatives accountable for the direction that they are steering the country in.

If you don’t take the opportunity now to ask these questions and get a better understanding of what this all means then when this bill is passed into law, you will have no one to blame but yourself for the impact that it has on your life.