Stating that he had a "dramatic announcement," Cenk Uygur, with The Young Turks, asked viewers of today's program about calls for "unity on the left." He asked, "Why don't progressive groups work together?" Partly picking up where U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders left off after his 2016 campaign, and partly starting a new chapter, Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, and a network of volunteers who worked for Bernie Sanders, among others, launched Justice Democrats in January.

Now, Justice Democrats has formed a coalition with Brand New Congress, another progressive group seeking "wholesale change." Mr.

Uygur described the Brand New Congress plan as a "bold" one, which includes electing an entirely new Congress. The TYT host listed jobs, rebuilding the economy, the elimination of money in politics, development of a "renewable energy economy," and "radical" criminal justice reform, as being on the group's agenda. After reading the list, Ugyur observed that the goals of Brand New Congress "sound pretty similar" to the goals of Justice Democrats. He then announced the formation of the new, "powerful alliance."

Progressive groups unite for 'wholesale change'

Uygur listed obstacles faced by other political groups, with many being seeming to be caused by money and power, and stated that "we are working together." He said to those who desire real "wholesale change," including fair elections, removing money from politics, and reducing corruption, "We're going to do it together." He detailed Brand New Congress holding nominations to run "real people," including "doctors" and "veterans" in primaries, in the same way Justice Democrats have.

The TYT host stated that the two progressive groups will "pool" candidates, experience, and resources to created a "stronger" combined party. Uygur encouraged viewers to visit both and to nominate candidates. He predicted that "establishment Democrats" will not be happy with "uniting behind" a progressive platform, and commented that if the group would be willing to give up corporate money, he would be pleased to unite with them.

Mr. Uygur then mimicked establishment Democrats crying, and citing a need to "sell out" in order to win elections.

TYT founder asks establishment: How's that working out for you?

Cenk Uygur spoke to establishment Democrats and asked, "How's that working out for you?" He listed the White House, the Senate, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and a majority of state legislatures. "How much more can you lose?" Cenk Uygur demanded to know. He stated that the Democratic Party has been plagued by "grotesque failure," and expressed that "it is time to let us lead."