Since introducing the quite familiar notion of Infinity in my last article, I have not been able to let go of it. It is the real secret of Triadic Philosophy. It is a key to freedom. It has promise. All these things now seem almost obvious. Infinity is the endlessness of Options.

This is the very heart of the triadic. Instead of seeing just two options, we see that thought is triangular. And that the third is always an option. Triangles nest. They are infinite.

The immanent frame

The notion of an immanent frame has been around for a while. I take it to mean that the three-story universe of hell-earth-heaven is no longer a tenable idea.

It may have some symbolic heft, just as representations of the three stories prove. And they are a sort of reality, agreed. But those who speak of the immanent frame are essentially zapping the binary barrier between psychology and philosophy.

If we as conscious human beings can comprehend the reality of having endless options, we are essentially making a psychological statement that has ontological significance. We are saying that our sense of being is triadic, free, open to many solutions of anything. Either-or is not banished but it is put in its place.

An open future

Freeing our minds is the key to having an open future. It means we will not be daunted when our freedom is facing attack. It means we will discover and execute nonviolent means of moving beyond the binary solutions that have always applied to conflict.

One part of this freedom is the liberation of education itself from the box it has always been in. Everyone is everything when options are literally infinite. This does not mean we become either dilettantes or serial experimenters. It means that when we bump against a binary solution that harms or impedes we can reject it.

We are free.

We move forward. We are never without hope of something better.

Universal education

Education and enablement are the two expressions of the value called helpfulness. One provides knowledge, the other skills. Education should become universal. Everyone, almost, has something to teach and everyone has curiosities. These are the true bookends of education.

Education is lifelong and covers everything. Education is available to each and everyone. Admission is by curiosity. Success is what you make it. Hiring is according to capacities and skills. There is no school but the reality all share. Our communities contain learning places along with everything else under the sun.