The Celtics are slowly making a name for themselves playing viciously for a 14-2 record. After losing a key player during the first quarter of the first game when Gordon Hayward broke his ankle, you could’ve said that the team season would be in jeopardy. You would've thought that his injury would end any chance for Celtics to make the playoffs. It didn’t go that way, the Celtics are winning and don’t plan to lose anytime soon. Kryie and his team are on a 14 game winning streak. The team has players like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to make up for the void, creating a nice forward combo.

Kyrie Irving newest teammate

Kyrie Irving the former Cleveland Cavalier point guard is now playing with one of the best performing centers in the NBA. Arguably the best that he can play with inside of the eastern conference. Al Horford is a very good addition and he's always is a great competitor in the NBA playoffs. I witness plays early in the season where Kyrie Irving misses a layup while driving through the lane, and I'll Horford came behind and dunks the basketball. When seeing plays like that I think to myself Kyrie Irving isn't used to having a center that plays that aggressive around the past. The past few seasons he was playing on a team that is more guard focused and powerless inside of the post.

I’m sure he enjoys his new teammate Al Horford.

Celtics vs. the champs

The Celtics recently defeated the Warriors 88 to 92 in Boston. What’s so amazing was their defense was stubborn enough to hold the Golden State Warriors under a hundred points. The Celtics being down as much as 17 points makes the win even more interesting.

Players like Kevin Durant from the Golden State Warriors had to give the players praise to The Boston Celtics ability to beat them in crunch time and play at nice levels during the game. This comeback victory says a lot about the Boston Celtics, and it was a big statement from ex-playoff competitors eastern conference team.

The 14 game winning streak

The Celtics now are on a streak of 14 games with wins, they are having a great season and all five starters are scoring double figures. As they push past the dubs they're looking at a great season this year. Chris Carter was quoted saying “the best team in the NBA happens to be the Boston Celtics.” He expressed the disbelief that the Golden State Warriors could be held under a hundred points was a very big factor. He also stated that the Celtics defense was good enough to hold the Warriors in three quarters to only have 60 points.

The Celtics were down most of the game but contained enough to tenacity to make the great comeback.