One of the biggest stories to dominate the news cycle over the last 24 hours has been the sexual misconduct allegations surrounding Roy Moore, the Republican candidate in the senate race in Alabama. With many calling for Moore to step down, others are linking Donald Trump to the current scandal due to his own controversial history with women.

Trump and Moore

It all started earlier this week following a bombshell report in the Washington Post. According to the paper, Roy Moore allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with at least four women under the legal age of consent, dating back to as far as 1979.

One of the accusers was Leigh Corfman, who claims Moore attempted to take part in sexual activity with her back in 1979 when she was only 14-year-old, and he was 32. Several other women were also quoted in the story, with the additional ages ranging from 16 to 18. On top of the sexual misconduct allegations, the women accused the senate hopeful of buying them alcohol while they were still minors. As expected, Moore quickly denied the allegations, blaming the "Obama-Clinton machine" and the "liberal media" for a so-called smear attack to derail his campaign. Following the story's publication, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the issue on Air Force One while speaking to the media, and was able to clarify where Donald Trump stood on the story.

Trump said that "we cannot allow a mere allegation in this case one from many years ago to destroy a person’s life," but did hope Moore would step down if the allegations were true. In the aftermath, social media users from Hollywood and across the media landscape decided to tie the president and Moore into one package, as seen during a series of November 10 tweets.

"You puss infected gnat scr*tum - racist child rap*st - may all u have inflicted on many - return to u in droves - u n Donald same sick souls," actress and talk show host Rosie O'Donnell tweeted out.

"Until there is a smoking gun in the Roy Moore case, we shouldn't rush to—okay, there it is," late night TV show host Stephen Colbert posted with humor.

"Leigh Corfman’s story has the undeniable ring of truth. It will be interesting to see what Alabama voters do with it. Trump got a pass," author Stephen King tweeted out. In an additional tweet, King added, "Starting to think GOP stands for Groping Old Pervs."

Double down

"So, sexual assault is not acceptable in the north, but is in the south?

Pedophilia too? What is this, Game of Thrones? Say goodbye to the Republicans who stand by Roy Moore for Alabama," comedian Chelsea Handler wrote, before stating, "You just ruined your own party."

"For anyone who thought the Republican Party had gone as low as it could go in supporting Donald Trump, Roy Moore’s campaign suggests otherwise," author Max Boot wrote. Not stopping there, Boot concluded by tweeting, "Trump is accused of sexually assaulting grown women, Moore minors.Truly has the GOP no sense of decency left?"