The glass-half-full is poised to win the biggest Battle of this century. The image of the half-filled glass is essentially a brief for optimism and positivity. It is time to acknowledge she is a protagonist in what may be the last big binary contest. Optimism wins! Let me explain.

Binary is the way things have been, but binary is being dressed down day by day. Triadic thinking is the way wise people have always thought. As we grow into an adult world the wisdom of thinking things through and acting with an eye to ethics and aesthetics is becoming standard.

Huge problems

The challenge of defeating the pessimism that sometimes seems to be winning involves looking at its source. The source of today’s pessimism and fear and hesitation is not masses of individuals. It is not the downtrodden or even the poor. It is the men (mainly) who exist because they have been able to earn money and fame by peddling their binary product.

The problem does not stop with Trump. It is shared by everyone who profits from fear and angst. The concentration of wealth is a threat in part because it can support the need to suppress all efforts to reduce militarism or nationalism or rampant capitalism.


The war is not against business or even bureaucracy. It is against the manipulative use of negative persuasion that results in negative acts and depressed responses.

We are almost thrust into depression by the false logic of those who think everything is for the worst.

It is my personal sense that we will see a leap forward when a few of the mega moguls flip and become partisans of a positive future rather than supporters of the retrograde notions of the GOP, the President and people like the Koch Brothers.

The advent of robotics and AI spell what we knew back in the 1960s – a world beyond want is in our grasp.


This is seismic because it means that the lords of the universe will not be those who hawk fear and support war but those who see that we are a total mixed bag moving slowly but surely to a better world for all. Our weapons will be time and continuity and awareness of universal fallibility and universal genius.

This is a world seen by philosophers, prayed for by poets and dreamers, created by all people designing it from the ground up.

Cybercommunities is my word for car-free, holistic communities that utterly redefine things in the direction of safety and security and even an approach to the current environmental crisis. I have addressed this in many prior articles but there is much more to come.