Many Classic television shows had a great costume department. The show's costume designers were tasked with creating outfits that represented the time period where the show took place. Also, these costumes needed to represent the character's persona. For example, a character who is cool and popular would have a great sense of fashion while a character who is an outcast may have an unusual style from the norm.

A lot of my favorite shows had characters that had a great sense of fashion. Here's a list of shows where characters were fashionable.

'Fresh Prince of Belair'

An iconic show of the '90s, the "Fresh Prince of Belair," was known for its fashion statements. Whether it be Will's street style, Carlton's preppy uniforms, or Hilary's high fashion looks, characters on the show made an impact on its audience through fashion. The show's costume designers utilized multiple styles that were popular in the '90s and made it their own.

Will Smith was known for popularizing multiple bright colors in his outfits. Whether it be through vests, patched-together long sleeves, or windbreakers, his outfits tended to be vibrant. In addition, denim was a common material used in his closet. Denim jackets with khaki or denim jeans were a consistent outfit on the show.

Another fashion statement that was on the "Fresh Prince of Belair," was the popularization of wearing basketball shoes every day. Prior, Jordans were viewed as basketball shoes rather than shoes for an outfit. Multiple characters on the show wore Jordans outside of playing basketball. Classic shoes such as Jordan Vs., Jordan VII, Air Max 95s, and Nike Huaraches.

The "Fresh Prince of Belair" revolutionized style in the '90s and its impact still remains today.


Another classic television of the '90s, "Martin" continued what the "Fresh Prince of Belair" began. Characters on "Martin" were known for wearing basketball shoes in everyday outfits like the characters on "The Fresh Prince." However, a wider range of sneakers appeared on the show.

Converse, Nike, Jordan, Vans, and Adidas were all featured in the characters' many outfits throughout the seasons. The costume designers of "Martin" displayed the variety that multiple sneaker brands have.


Although "Friends" is another classic television show, it appealed to a different audience than "The Fresh Prince of Belair" or "Martin." However, this didn't stop the costume designers of "Friends" from creating iconic outfits. With a more suburban look, the characters of the show wore stylish pieces including vibrant, multicolored sundresses, low-cut tops, turtlenecks, and velvet embroidery. I enjoy the fashion sense in "Friends" because it was different than what I was accustomed to in "The Fresh Prince" or "Martin."