So I was reading through my daily headlines and I came across this article on Jerome Powell being nominated as the next Fed chair, and that he is replacing Janet Yellen and I asked myself - What qualifications does Mr. Powell have that makes him an ideal fit for the position? The answer that I came up with was not surprising.

He is probably not suited for the role but may have some type of prior working relationship with President Trump. I remember one time I had applied for an internship. I didn't get it - but I was determined to find out why that was.

I contacted the organization asking that question and was told that 'although you have an impressive mix of skills and experiences thus far, you just don’t have the full gamut of qualifications that we need for this position.' In Layman's terms, I wasn't as qualified as they needed me to be to fill the position that they had the vacancy for.

The point that I am trying to make is this - if I was denied an internship opportunity because I wasn't properly qualified then why was a man who was clearly unsuited for the role of President not only allowed to run for office but win it? What checks and balances are there in the constitution that protect the American people from ill-suited, inept, under-qualified people from taking the Oval Office and leading us down a very unsavory path?

What's my take on all this?

I am not a U.S citizen - I am a Lawful Permanent Resident. I hail from the warm shores of Trinidad & Tobago. However, due to the opportunity that I was given by my father, I now call this country - The United States of America, my home.

As such, I have decided to take an avid interest in what is going on within the government of this country in as much as it will affect myself, my family and other families like my own.

I always say that knowledge is power and that if you want to make the best possible decision then you need to become as knowledgeable as you can on your desired topic.

Do I pretend to be an expert on the American political system? No, what I am is a person who cares about what the government is doing and how it will affect me and my family.

A serious look needs to be taken at revising the constitution in such a way that anyone can still run for the presidential office but they will have to go through some type of psychological screening, as well as other assessments to ascertain their overall competency for the job that they want to take up. We all as a country - citizens and immigrants alike - need to take a more active role in our government and in what is being done.

We need to learn about the ways in which we can make our voices heard and be in constant contact with our elected officials.