Star Wars Battlefront II” is an action shooter video game that will be released on Nov. 17. Before the official release, several testers from the Play First Trial have already tried it out. It got a lot of downvotes on Reddit due to several issues.

One of the problematic features was the cost of hero summoning. Popular characters from the “Star Wars” saga like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader cost a lot of in-game cash. It also takes up a lot of gameplay hours to unlock them the hard way.

To remedy the issue, EA has issued a statement that they will reduce the costs by 75 percent.

While that may be a good solution, I do not think that is enough. Here are my suggestions to EA in order to make the game appealing again.

Remove microtransactions feature

From a business perspective, it is understandable for EA to implement a feature that can generate more money, but this can alienate their gaming community. As a result, many players complained about the high costs of hero summoning. Others also complained of including microtransactions in a fully paid game ($60).

The best way to make their customers happy is to fully remove the microtransactions feature and make it an award-system one. Players should be able to enjoy the game and unlock characters the old fashioned way: getting rewarded by hard work.

The Pay-To-Win feature is a feature that a lot of gamers hate.

Change the feature

If EA does not want to remove the microtransactions feature, then they should change it. It should be a feature that would be fair for everyone to use. It should also be a feature that does not reward items that increase weapon damage or unlock overpowered heroes, but it should be cosmetic changes.

Other game companies that implemented payable loot boxes in their games like "Overwatch" were successful. At least their items are fair for everyone to purchase and use in battle without altering equipment stats. Everyone can play fairly in a match and it will be the job of the developers to make adjustments with patches.

Weapon, armor, and hero loots could be appealing to some, but it could become unfair in matches.

Players who paid to unlock stronger heroes could overwhelm the ones who use regular characters like Storm Troopers. That can alienate several players in the long run.

Remove improved stats on other equipment

Another way to make the microtransactions feature work is to remove the stats all together to make it all fair. This will be available in a specific mode, which players can opt to make stats of higher equipment useless and just make them cosmetic changes. They can also choose another mode that retains the advantages of the heroes, high-tier equipment, and more.

In this way, all kinds of players can be appealed because they could choose how they play the multiplayer mode of “Star Wars Battlefront Ii.” If they want to have equal chances of defeating a hero with a normal Storm Trooper then they can choose a mode that they like. For those who are daring enough to fight against heroes with higher stats and deadly abilities, then they can use another mode.

Check out the "Star Wars Battlefront II" single player trailer here: