Game publisher EA responded to the fans of “Star Wars Battlefront II” by announcing a new update. This new implementation reduced the cost of unlocking a hero in certain features. Fans criticized the game company due to the costs of getting their favorite characters.

The game company also responded earlier to the first hero unlock estimates. They gave their reasons for locking these hero characters behind gameplay that could take a lot of hours. They created a Reddit post to explain their decision.

Change will be constant

DICE executive producer John Wasilczyk stated that they were always listening to the fans since the start of the project.

They wanted to make sure that the release of their video game is the very best experience for everyone. He revealed that they have done the adjustments since the closed alpha until the Play First Trial.

The executive producer said that they used the data that they got from the Play First Trial. A lot of players posted that it took a lot of amount of in-game credits and time for them to unlock certain heroes like Luke Skywalker. They used the data to set up those levels, but it was clear to them they needed to make some changes.

The game company tweeted that they have reduced the number of credits needed to unlock the top heroes by 75 percent. Top heroes like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader can now be unlocked for 15,000 credits.

They want unlocking these heroes to be an achievement that can be accessible to all players.

Listening to opinions

Wasilczyk said that they were listening to all of the feedback from the fans.

He said that a lot of them loved the other features like Starfighter Assault, 40 player MP battles, and more. He also said that they were reading the subreddit posts made by their passionate fans.

The executive producer invited fans to join them for a Reddit AMA with some of their key leads in their team. They welcome all opinions and want to have a conversation with them.

Reddit post has gone bad

Before EA’s new resolution on the credits, their community team created a Reddit post. This explained their reason for the "Star Wars Battlefront Ii" content unlock decision. However, they did not offer a resolution for the issue.

The post backfired on them since it became the most downvoted post in Reddit history with over 350,000 downvotes. The downvotes were most likely assisted by automated scripts and bots, but it was clear that the fans did not like the statement.

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