Okay, who's freaking out? I know I'm freaking out. Rian Johnson -- director of "The Last Jedi," "Episode 8" of the Star Wars saga -- will write and direct the first installment of a whole new Star Wars trilogy. Don't celebrate or pass out yet. It gets better. Not only is he writing and directing the first one, he's creating the entire trilogy. He basically gets to morph into George Lucas.

I know, right? It's like a fanfiction fantasy come true.

Personally, I'm freaking out for two reasons. One…new trilogy! New places, new faces. That's mind-boggling all on its own.

It's exciting and anxiety-inducing all at the same time. A Star Wars film without Skywalkers or the people who love and hate them? Is that even possible?

Two…if Lucasfilm is handing Rian Johnson a project that important, he must have kicked some serious booty with "The Last Jedi" – as if fans needed yet another reason to be completely chomping at the bit for release day to come. Now let's torture ourselves with a few predictions.

No superweapons or storm troopers in new Star Wars trilogy, please

The guys at the Slash Film blog had a few things to say about what they would and would not like to see in the new Star Wars trilogy. In one post, four writers gave their opinions about what would be cool to see in the trilogy.

In this section of the blog post on the subject, Jacob Hall was more vocal about what he didn't want: super weapons, stormtroopers, desert planets as heroic incubating grounds, Jedi, or Sith. He just wants the freshness of whatever else is lurking in Rian Johnson's mind.

Ben Pearson used his part of the post to say that he expects some social commentary, maybe in relation to class differences (It would be interesting to see Star Wars become more of a reflection of our times).

Speculation about Rian Johnson's vision for Skywalker-free Star Wars trilogy

Ethan Anderton, another writer at Slash Film blog who had a part in the post mentioned above, write about how nice it would be to get away from the war altogether, except maybe for a few quiet ripples, and instead, to just take a look at a more intimate story about someone who just happens to be living in that universe.

I like that idea.

Chris Evangelista, yet another Slash Film blog writer sharing the post, got totally crazy and opened up the possibility of dealing with other genres entirely within the Star Wars universe, going so far as to suggest horror or romantic comedy. (Not that Han and Leia didn't have their moments.)

As for my new, freshly hatched Star Wars hopes and dreams, I want to spend a lot of time on a sweet spaceship. Just give me a hardy hunk of junk and I'll be the happiest girl in the world.