US President Donald Trump, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, is currently on a visit to countries in Asia. The visit started with Japan followed by South Korea, and his third port of call was China. The former two are allies of America, and he is keen to have China on his side to checkmate North Korea. This is an important issue on his agenda.

Trump entertained Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Florida Mar-a-Lago club in April after taking over the office. At that time, Trump had wanted China to exert its influence on Pyongyang, and wean it away from pursuing its nuclear ambitions.

The grand welcome

Daily Mail UK reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping and wife Madame Peng Liyuan extended a hearty welcome to Donald Trump and Melania Trump in a ceremony at Beijing's Great Hall of the People as a ceremonial cannon fired shots in Tiananmen Square. The two presidents are scheduled to take part in official talks in which North Korea would be discussed. Subsequently, the leaders are expected to make a joint press statement.

On his arrival at Beijing in Air Force One, the president was met by US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Then there was a military guard of honor presented by China. A state dinner is also planned with a cultural program in honor of the visitors.

Importance of China

President Donald Trump landed in China after his visit to South Korea, and observers predicted that North Korea would be in focus. The country’s adamant attitude, coupled with its defiance of economic sanctions, has led to instability in the Korean peninsula. Pyongyang wants to carry on with its nuclear ambitions irrespective of consequences, which could give rise to an unwanted situation.

American warships are in the region, and Kim Jong-un has kept his ICBMs ready to strike the United States. He must realize that such an action would lead to a warlike scenario, and its effects would be felt all over the world because nuclear radiation knows no boundaries. Therefore, Trump must convince Xi Jinping to pressure Kim.

He must put his nuclear programs on hold, and agree to sit across the table to resolve the issues through dialogue.

All concerned leaders must ensure that the finger is kept away from the button. Hiroshima is an example of the destructive power of a Nuclear Bomb. No one, in his right mind, would want a repetition with the loss of thousands of innocent lives, and destruction that would take decades to recover.