Andrew Luck has practiced for the first time this season, but that is not a very good idea for the colts. The Colts clearly have written off this season. They traded to get Jacoby Brissett on the roster. The Colts seem to have decided that they cannot compete, however, the franchise somehow has Andrew Luck at practice. I would have sent him home to rehab, and he can come back next year when he is ready. What would be the purpose of giving a hint that he might play this season?

The Colts are doing this wrong

If Luck was going to practice, the team should have come out immediately and made a point that his status for this season is to not play.

The Colts really need to keep the vultures off this team so that they can start rebuilding yet again. There is no point in even letting people know that he practiced if he should not be playing because it would be stupid to even let him run one play. If you were a defensive player, you would want to get behind the Offensive Line and put one good lick on him. The simple fact is that is all it might take to knock him out for another season. Why risk it when you have nothing to play for? The Colts are pathetic, and their front office is putting their only commodity at risk.

The front office needs to change everything

You can have Andrew Luck practicing, but he needs to be practicing where no one can see him.

He should not be anywhere near that offensive line, and the Colts should be spending more time convincing him that he wants to stay there. If he were smart, Luck would ask for a trade, but he might be too loyal for that. This means that the Colts are dragging him out to practice for nothing. He is not going to play until next year, and he needs to be kept safe until it is time for him to practice next year.

He needs more say in what they do

The Colts need to sit down with Andrew Luck and ask him what to do. He has a much better idea of what is going on because he had to stand behind that putrid offensive line, and he can give them an idea of how to manage the team. It is pathetic that the Colts are not doing a very good job considering he is such a good football mind.

Jim Irsay can fire Chuck Pagano or not, but he needs to let Luck have more of an opinion on what management does. You know that Luck cannot be happy with the direction of the franchise. He should be treated like a superstar so that the Colts can figure out how to proceed. Not only can Luck not play this season, but he cannot be put in harm's way again. He should draft for the Colts at this point so management can get something right.