The attack on concertgoers in Las Vegas was well-planned, and the murderer had booked a hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to have the best possible view of the ground below. More than 20,000 music lovers had gathered at the venue to enjoy Country Music and never expected bullets to rain down on them from above.

The attack left 58 dead with more than 500 injured – most of the injuries were either from gunfire or due to the stampede to get away. The perpetrator of the crime has been identified but the police could not take him alive.

When they arrived at the door of his room, he was dead. The motive of the massacre has baffled the investigators.

The massacre was well planned

New York Times reports that the gunman was a loner, and had planned the Las Vegas massacre to the minutest detail. He had selected a room that gave him an uninterrupted view of the venue, and of music lovers who had arrived to sing and dance to the country music. For safety, he had installed video cameras inside the suite and in the hallway to warn him of approaching threats.

Preliminary investigations revealed that there were more than 20 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition and other equipment in the hotel suite. Many of the rifles were modified and converted into weapons to operate them as machine guns and fire hundreds of rounds per minute.

There were several suitcases which he might have used to bring in the weapons. He must have brought them in over a period of time and did not arouse any suspicion among the housekeeping or other hotel staff.

Background of the killer

He was wealthy and loved to gamble. He had two houses in Nevada and in Reno. The police have discovered a whole lot of firearms in these houses and in his hotel suite and all have been accounted for.

They were purchased in Nevada, Utah, California, and Texas. He did not have any past criminal record and did not have an accomplice.

The Islamic State group claimed he was one of its followers, but there is no evidence to substantiate such a claim. Police are unable to fathom the reasons why he unleashed a barrage of bullets on the unsuspecting music lovers in Las Vegas.

Terrorism is a global phenomenon and the general belief is that people belonging to certain communities commit such heinous crimes. The massacre in Las Vegas shows that the security machinery must always remain alert to prevent acts of terrorism at events like festivals of country music where fans flock in large numbers.