When I say middle of the road, I mean that Tyrod Taylor could be a very good passer in his own right without being near the better or elite passers in the game. He is middle of the road, and he finds himself in the 12-15 spots most of the time when you read fantasy rankings. That is actually the perfect place for him to be because he cannot throw the ball all over the place, but we know for a fact that he is not bad. That means that he lands right in the middle of the NFL, and he just needs more talent around him. You might be amazed at how much talent he has if he were in the perfect system, and that might be why he is averaging out in the top half right now.

Taylor is good for the Bills

The Bills seem to be comfortable with Taylor on the roster, and they seem to be in a place where he can help them score just enough points to win more often than not. They have a Winning Record, and they seem to be in a spot where they can make big gains on offense if they keep increasing how much is asked of him. That means that a lot of people who are trying to have the best kinds of games with fantasy pick this guy because he is just good enough to give you points. He is also just good enough to make the Bills have a winning record.

Taylor or Bortles?

Taylor is not any better or worse than Blake Bortles, and you can see what Leonard Fournette has done for Bortles down in Jacksonville.

If that is the case, then the Bills can put a lot of talent around Taylor and see what happens. Maybe they do not need to throw him out there and see if he succeeds. Maybe they should give him a chance to get much better with having the pieces needed put around him. I think that is a much more sensible choice, and it means that this team can actually progress because they are not wasting their time trying to figure out how they can get a new quarterback or turn this guy into Jim Kelly.

The Bills overall plan?

We have no idea what the overall plan is for the Bills, and we might never know. The only thing we know for sure is that they seem to be stuck where they are right now. They need to start making some really big changes if they want to get even close to having the chance to recover some or all of their dignity.

They cannot just get rid of Taylor because they have no other options. However, they need to do something to make their offense better. They need more young talent, and they need to trust that Taylor is the kind of guy who plays his best when he is actually around the best. That is what will make him better, and that should help change a lot.