The colts had to stop Andrew Luck from throwing because he had some soreness in his shoulder. It is not really the soreness in his shoulder that is the problem so much as the fact that they have to stop him from throwing altogether. I have said before that they should have kept this out of the press, but now we have a new question about if Luck can even come back. Forget about whether he wants to come back or even wants to be traded. Forget about what he wants to accomplish with this team. You need to consider for just a second what would happen if he could not come back at all.

The shoulder is sort of important

To be honest, I am not saying that Luck is done for his career. What I am saying is that the shoulder is important. I think that this could always be a nagging problem that cannot get fixed right away, and this guy would have to shut it down if he can never get back to 100%. That would be a problem if he thought that he could never go without feeling pain, and it would leave him compromised when he gets on the field. I hope that is not the case, but you have to wonder what is really going on.

Luck needs to be more careful

I can commend the Colts for wanting to infuse some hope into this season because they were winning here and there. However, they need to shut it down because this can only get worse from here.

There are so many reasons to stop this madness right now, and they might be able to get a draft pick that they can use. They cannot turn over the staff of the front office once more, and they cannot fire Chuck Pagano if he is doing such a good job. They might have been given their final warning that they need to calm it down and realize that they can just take the year off and figure it out.

What are they supposed to do? Are the Colts supposed to somehow get to the playoffs and prove to Luck that they are ready to play for him? That would be a waste of time.

Andrew needs a vacation

Andrew Luck needs to go on vacation and not come back. He needs to be sent somewhere that football is not a priority, and he needs to be asked to chill out for once.

He is close to being ready, but he is not ready. Hanging about the facility and being around football is only going to make this recovery take longer. The passer that this team needs should stop using his arm and relax. He might actually learn something about himself, and that would be safer than waiting around to play for a team that could still get him killed. I admire the hope, but they need to temper it.