I do not believe the 49ers are the worst team in the league, and I am not convinced the Eagles are the best team in the NFL. However, I think they are both close. The Eagles will probably win this game, and it will be because they are just better put together right now. They have a quarterback, and they have a defense. The 49ers have neither one of those things, but they have a plan. People have been getting on the 49ers for people not wanting to go to their games. Would you want to go see them right now? I would not, and I love them. This is all about progression, and you forget that people have better things to do.

TV Money

The 49ers have TV money that they get because the NFL is awash in cash from television. They are going to lose a couple of bucks on people not showing up, but they will be just fine. You also have to remember that the family that owns the team has money all over the place. They will be just fine. The team will get fans when they start winning, and people will start to enjoy the games more. There are a lot of people complaining that this stadium is too hard to get to, but no one will care about the 49ers start winning. This team is not a good draw at home or on the road, and that is okay.

The Eagles are better

If you have any delusions about the 49ers winning this game, you can get them out of your head right now.

The team is going to have to keep losing, and they will get beaten by a far superior Eagles team. If Carson Wentz played for the 49ers, things might be different. He does not, and that means that the team is going to lose. There is nothing wrong with them losing to a good team because we could easily see the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Think about how clear their run to the Super Bowl would be.

Let the Eagles impress you in this game

I think that the Eagles will impress a lot of people, and I think that they will give a lot of people hope about how far they can go in the playoffs. That is a very important thing for this franchise because they are ahead of schedule, but they can show you and I that they know how to get over the loss of key players.

They will survive, and they will be fine. They might need Lane Johnson pretty badly, but I bet they can make up for it. They need to get in this window for winning right now because you never know when you will go back.

Better coaching

Kyle Shanahan might learn a lesson or two from how the Eagles are coached. He is going to see someone who used to call plays run a good team, and this could be a good rivalry for a decade or more.