On the fateful day of November 22, 1963, the 35th president of the United States was assassinated. Since that day, his image continues to give some Americans cold chills when they view it. The often-utilized black and white photo of John Fitzgerald Kennedy causes reflection upon the fact that he was cut down in the prime of his life. There are a number of photographs from the White House that allegedly show the ghost of Jfk lurking in the background, but the photo that haunts a number of U.S. citizens is one that was taken while he was very much alive.

The JFK files are being released

Now that number 45 has decided to release the files associated with his death, Americans are once again talking about John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Truthfully, there has never been a time in 54 years where the assassination of the 35th president was not the subject. Conspiracy theories continue to this day as to who was really behind his shooting. His haunting image that was caught on film also remains.

As a child, whenever I saw a picture of JFK I would get cold chills, and it seemed as if his eyes were following me around the room. I learned later that when someone looks directly into a camera the eyes appear to be focused on you no matter where you stand. Even so, I've talked to a number of people who say this black and white photo of our 35th president seems haunted.

Perhaps we all are reflecting upon his untimely death, or subconsciously thinking about the eerie images that are supposedly haunting the White House after his death.

The image of number 35 haunts for various reasons

Old black and white photos often have an aura of creepiness about them, and when you add to this the fact that JFK is staring directly into the camera along with his being brutally cut down in the prime of his life, it is distressing.

He also seems to have a sort of sadness or wistfulness in his eyes in this image. This is difficult for those of us who can remember where we were when this president of the United States was murdered.

The year 1963 was a tumultuous time in this nation, and the assassination of a young well-liked commander in chief was shocking.

The files that are being released, may or may not, shed additional light on who was really behind the assassination of JFK, but this haunting image will probably always send chills down the spine of those who can remember that fateful day in 1963. The shock, grief, anger, and pain of many citizens, as well as not knowing the truth of what happened, may always be etched in that old black and white photo.