Nebraska has a lot of problems that are tied exclusively to their Football Program. They will never be good at baseball or basketball, and they have already ruined their football program. Then they fired their athletic director because they thought that he was the problem because he could not help build the football program. Now they have a new guy in Bill Moos, and there are already articles in the media saying that he might be able to fix the football problem at Nebraska. Unless this guy can go back in time and solve the firing of Frank Solich, then nothing can be done.

The whole of the college football world passed this school. Everyone who was once beneath this team is now above them, and it might not change.

Firing Solich was dumb

You know those TV shows or movies where a guy goes back to right his wrongs and he says, "Dolores, I know I done you bad back in 19 and 57, but things have changed now?" That cannot happen here. Nebraska cannot go back to Frank Solich after all this time and ask him to come fix their problems. I am convinced that he was done with big-time college football after that because he was 9-3 and they fired him because he was not Tom Osborne. Nebraska literally acts like Osborne was undefeated for his career, won a million national titles, and was able to win every Heisman Trophy.

We know that is not the case, but that is how stupid this school and state is. They elected Osborne to office even though he had no experience, but they fired their very good successor for Osborne because he was not perfect. Here's a news flash. Osborne was not perfect either.

They cannot just fix it

Look at the world we live in 2017.

There is a ton of information, and you can research any city in about five seconds online. If you are being recruited by the Cornhuskers, you are going to find out that Lincoln, Nebraska is going to be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by corn fields, and completely devoid of anything to do if you are a college kid. You will be stuck in your own version of "Children of the Corn," and you will not get out until you graduate.

Is that a place you would ever want to visit again? I would much rather live in Columbus, Ohio where there are things to do, and there is a whole state around you filled with stuff. You could go anywhere, but why would you go to Lincoln? Also, if you are an athlete of color, I cannot imagine living in Nebraska is all that appealing. We need to give Bill Moos time to create a new athletic department that might attract better talent.