The colts and the Titans will play a division game on Monday Night Football and they will have a chance to prove themselves in a division that has been taken over by the Jaguars and the Texans. These two teams have very different problems and the Colts might actually be able to make a case that they are on the right track even though they have been pathetic over the past 12 months. I think it would be an intriguing loss for the Titans, and we need to watch carefully to see what happens.

The Titans have to get it together

The Titans are supposed to be better than this and they need to right the ship before their team starts to fall apart.

It must be disheartening for them to lose these games and see the Jags and Texans jump in front of them. That is a major problem and it is something that would mess with their morale.

We are all assuming that the Texans and Jags will go to the playoffs. That means the Titans are left on the outside looking in after they spent all that time and money trying to get their team together. They thought that they had it right and now they are suffering through another mediocre season.

The Colts can get their units right

There are many units on the Colts team that are in need of some fixing and they can fix those while they are beating teams with Jacoby Brissett. He knows that he cannot have Andrew Luck's job, but he is auditioning for the rest of the league.

The team could really do some major changes to their offensive line and defense in the process of winning a few games here and there, and they could show Andrew Luck that he is safe when he comes back to the team. If you were Luck, you would want that. This is the perfect time for the Colts to make a statement to their franchise quarterback.

Chuck Pagano can save his job

I know that I have said that I thought Chuck Pagano would lose his job, but what would happen if the Colts looked decent this season? Let us assume that they will go 6-9 or 7-9. That is not bad at all, and I would not fire him if he had that record. That is just a hallmark to the kind of coaching job he can actually do, and I would be happy to see him keep his job and get a real chance of succeeding next year.

Andrew Luck returns

I would not let Andrew Luck come back, but you could make an argument for it if that is what you thought would be the best idea. You could bring him back and be careful with him, and you might have some hope for next season. This is a major change from the beginning of the season, but it could happen.