The Cleveland Cavaliers will start Dwyane Wade at Shooting Guard instead of Jr Smith. Smith said that he was hurt by that, and I actually cannot blame him. Let us find out what is really going on here. Remember all those people who keep saying LeBron does not run the Cavs? They are lying. LeBron runs the Cavs, and he is trying to make it up to Wade for leaving Miami. It is also clear that he does not like JR Smith that much, but since LeBron is in 7th grade, he would never say that out loud.

LeBron controls this

LeBron much watch a lot of Scandal because he is very good at controlling the narrative.

He has stood up for Stephen Curry, and he has done a lot of talking about social justice, and that is probably because he knows that people will not want to say anything negative about him because he is such a good citizen. He is pretending to be a good citizen because we have come right back to his middle school antics. He has to make up to Dwyane Wade the fact that he left Miami, and he is doing that by letting a beat up famous actress' husband start as the shooting guard instead of the healthier and currently more capable JR Smith. He also would never tell Smith he does not like him because that would require maturity which he does not possess. LeBron is clearly running the Cavs, and Tyronn Lue is his assistant.

This team is not that good

I think that LeBron knows that this team will not be very good, and he is trying to position himself so that he can look like he is in such a bad position. You have to be a really big baby to think that you are somehow in a bad spot when you run a franchise you did not pay for, get catered to 24/7 by everyone even though you do not deserve it, and are capable of putting the team on your back even though you actually do not want to and take responsibility.

LeBron is acting like he is 12, and this will continue so that he can say Cleveland did not do enough when he leaves. He will say things like, "I got a Hall of Famer and it did not work."

Smith is already checked out

JR Smith has already checked out, and I bet he will be checked out until he can start for the Cavs. He is the kind of guy who cannot control his emotions, and he will probably be terrible until he is given what he wants.

He is like the stubborn younger brother or sister who annoys the older sibling. He will drive LeBron crazy until the tune changes, and that could even include Wade getting bought out if he is as ineffective as some people think that he will be. I am laughing at the potential for drama.