Dwyane Wade has become the story in Cleveland because we never know if he is going to be starting or not. We have so many questions about what the heck he is, and we have no idea if he is going to be a force on this Cavaliers' team or not. I think that the Cavaliers have been a mess since they lost the title in the summer, and this Wade thing is making it that much worse. How can you trust the team if you play for them and want to get better? How can you trust Lue when you know that LeBron is pulling the strings? Why is it like this when LeBron is leaving anyway?

The Cavaliers are a mess

This team is much worse than they look because even though they can score, they are clearly not built for adversity. I want you to imagine them meeting the Warriors in the Finals. That team will fall apart in the first game when the Warriors go up 25-8 and the Cavs have to call timeout. They might have looked just fine up until that point, but they will implode because LeBron is going to immediately start griping and making sure that he has set it up to make everyone know that he is not getting any help. "I got Wade, and he cannot start. Now he is not starting, and it is terrible." LeBron will throw out every excuse in the book, and he will look so hypocritical that we will not even be able to enjoy the basketball.

Lue is not a coach

You can never make me believe that Tyronn Lue is the head coach of this team. LeBron James is the head coach of this team, and he will stay that way until he leaves. He will leave Lue to get fired because the team will stink, and LeBron will go start winning somewhere else where they did "more" for him. The problem is that LeBron is the issue.

You know you are the problem when you are 3-5 in the Finals, complain constantly about getting help, and run the team in the shadows where everyone can tell. We also have to wonder how he gets reporters to claim he does not run the team when it is so obvious.

The Wade relationship

I do not want to see these two fix their friendship on the floor this season.

We are watching couple's therapy on the floor every night. It is clear that LeBron has such a big ego that he is begging to be liked again, and he is trying everything to make Wade happy. It is like the husband who starts buying his wife gifts the second she says she is going to leave. He is jumping up and down on the couch in the therapist's office, and he is begging Wade to like him. "We were meant to be together," he says, and we are watching him make those proclamations in how he runs the Cavs. It is sad, pathetic, and childish.