The Oklahoma City Thunder have forgotten how to rebound because they think that it is not necessary for them to have to do that. Obviously, Russell Westbrook thought that he had to because that is how he averaged a triple-double, but he has Paul George and Carmelo Anthony with him. Anthony cannot be bothered to put in too much effort, and George probably thinks that he has to be a superstar right now. The confluence of these events has made the Thunder a bad rebounding team, and you can see the results on the floor.

Westbrook is probably not happy

I can see a situation in which the Thunder are not rebounding because Westbrook expects other people to do the work right now. He has every right to expect his teammates to do a better job, but they are not doing so well at the moment. I think they are all standing there, looking at each other, and deciding who should be rebounding right now. I think that that can lead to confusion, and it means that no one on this team has a defined role. Because of that, that means that the Thunder are not going to rebound until someone becomes a rebounding leader.

Paul George has an issue

Paul George does not know how to be a leader, and he is not going to want to rebound because he probably thinks that he needs to be averaging 30 points a night.

That is a major problem because he cannot do that if he is going to hand off the ball to two other people on his team who are just as good as he is. The problem with that is that he going to be unhappy when he realizes that he is not going to be the ultimate superstar that he wants to be. That means that he is trying less, and it means that he will not rebound.

Rebounding takes the most effort, and that is why it goes by the wayside.

Carmelo Anthony is a problem child

Melo is nothing more than an aged star who simply does not know that he has a role to fill. He is not even close to the first option on this team, and he never really tried that hard. He never played defense, and that means that he is not going to be rebounding.

I think that there are a lot of people who do not think that Melo will ever be able to do anything other than stand there and pout. He most certainly is not going to rebound, and that makes it so much harder for this team to succeed. Anthony is a starter, but he is playing like a malcontented reserve who could be cut tomorrow or sent to the D-League.

The Thunder need to have a meeting to decide how they can change their fortunes. Those fortunes not good right now.