The mind reels as the verb unravel makes it into the news. We are seeing a collision of two false premises and it could plunge us into a global crusade. The global crusade would be against radical Islam. Its premise will be that Islam is war incarnate. This is false. But it is completely reasonable to the three most prominent advocates of our current Iran posture, Donald trump, Steve Bannon and Pam Geller

The second premise is that we lack the power to keep Trump from doing whatever he likes. But there are manifold signs that Trump could be out of office sooner than most people think.

What will unravel first?

This morning's New York Times lead story will get you up to speed on the unraveling of the Iran deal.

Make no mistake. To Trump, the Iran deal is Obama and radical Islam in one screaming package. He will not stop halfway. The deal is toast if he remains in power.

Dictatorial warnings

We are halfway through October. My own timetable for Trump's fate has him either gone by November or else a full-fledged dictator. A dictator is someone whose world is based on a defiance of logic. Trump operates on the principle that Obama and Islam are unredeemable. Both understandings are wrong, just as wrong as the premises that Germans were the master race and that slavery a just.

Assume Trump lasts

If November arrives and Trump remains in power he will have completed the main steps to consolidating dictatorial authority. We will be besieged by thought pieces reflecting on this and they will be littered with the question why. Why did the GOP allow this? Why didn't we act at this or that point? Why were we asleep?

But the point will boil down to the sense that we can now do nothing. Nothing at all.

To make the point

Here are two buttresses for my argument. The Bannon and Pam Geller stories substantiate the reality of the Trump narrative -- a falsehood that will lead to more and more bellicose statements and characterizations of our situation as a latterday recrudescence of the Crusades.

We have a Bannonite in the US Senate now. Roy Moore is clearly a protagonist in a move to make Americans believe that making Iran our sworn enemy is exactly the shot in the arm the Christian world needs as holy war becomes Trump's signature act.

If you have not looked at Breitbart

Here is the most recent intro of Pam Geller and the text makes it clear that she equates Islam in a general sense with deadly aggression.

We are witnessing the triumph of mindless binary thinking, an appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Not one word of what you are reading will register as more than helping to create the division Trump is playing on. But the fact is that the fault lies with us all when we allow such thought to be seen as reasonable, logical or remotely good.