Hillary Clinton recently sat down for an interview on the UK’s Channel Four. Naturally, the subject of her good friend and political ally Harvey Weinstein came up. Ms. Clinton tried to deflect the question by stating, "Look, we just elected someone who admitted sexual assault to the presidency.” She was, of course, referring to Donald Trump and the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which he boasted of crude, sexual advances on women. However, the reaction to her statement was not received well.

What about Bill asks Fox News commentator?

Tomi Lahren was on Jesse Walters’ weekend show on Fox News when she reacted to Ms.

Clinton’s statement about Trump having “admitted sexual assault” and still being elected president. Lahren pointed out that Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton, who has also been accused of sexual assault, including forcible rape, by numerous women. Indeed, Clinton was in charge of discrediting her husband’s accusers. Lahren also noted that Weinstein’s depraved acts were widely known about in the entertainment industry and thus she likely knew about them as well. Yet she still called Harvey Weinstein her friend, took his money, and said nothing about his serial abuse of women.

Why Donald Trump is president

The interview on British television explains in a nutshell why Donald Trump is president.

If he had been running against just about any other Democrat, say Barack Obama or even Bernie Sanders, the Access Hollywood tape would have sunk him. However, Trump had the tremendous good fortune to run against Hillary Clinton, who aided and abetted gross and possibly felonious acts on the part of her husband, the former president of the United States.

The choice in 2016, where it came to personal morality, was between the bad and the really bad. Enough people chose the just bad to propel Donald Trump into the Oval Office.

It was just about sex

One of the most aggravating mantras of the 1990s, when President Bill Clinton was caught, literally, with his pants down was that the scandals were “just about sex” and did not rise to the level of impeachment and removal from office.

Twenty years later, people seemed to have taken that view to heart. The sad part of the situation is that Hillary Clinton does not get it. Her husband’s actual acts are in the past. Trump’s boasting should have mattered.

Donald Trump was a creep for saying what he said in the presence of an Access Hollywood mic. However, Hillary Clinton tolerated far worse out of political expediency. That she does not even recognize that dichotomy is a question that is best left to a mental health professional.