What is a Triadic understanding? Most simply a triadic understanding sees that good love is transcendent. love that is limited to two descends quickly into grades of evil. The element beyond two is the presence of transcendence within every person who recognizes it.

In other words, when two persons communicate, transcendence should be in play.

What is transcendence?

Transcendence has to do with consciousness. Consciousness is a quality within us that enables us to think and consider and act. Consciousness is informed by conscience and presses for positive, good conclusions.

Consciousness is the sign of transcendence.

Transcendence is what is absent in the mind of one who willfully commits harm and hurt.

Moving toward goodness

To be triadic is to move toward sensitivity regarding goodness and the avoidance of evil. People who are binary have closed the door to conscience. Their consciousness is two-sided.

Binary people act but they do so without regard to the needs and feelings of humankind. Sometimes binary simply honors a clan or a group or a gang. Sometimes it is simply part of a selfish aggregation. Sometimes it is a self-styled “lone wolf”.

Uniting consciousness and conscience

When one applies thought to what is done and said and allows conscience in, the result is a good reflection. Universal goodness is a matter of individual movement toward becoming triadic. To be triadic is nothing more than becoming who we are.

Love enters

Love that is not degraded is the product of triadic understanding.

The “other” in triadic terms is always something within everyone that signals they are part of the universal. The universal is all there is.

Love is the energy within us that seeks unification with all. Love involves unselfishness. Love involves fairness and justice. Love exalts tolerance and is democratic. All these are Universal Values.

Progress is the product of individuals who have moved past the binary. Progress is triadic.

Progress is the name of the game

Progress is what we are all about. It is the challenge of being human. We acquire courage and direction when we begin to consider that universal values are within us. Kings and emperors are not needed when we freely exercise the gifts of conscience.

Me, myself and I

The colloquial phrase “me, myself, and I” is pertinent to the understanding that we are triadic. When we are binary it collapses to “I”. We are the center of our existence. Love is either impossible or opportunistic.

Become triadic by accessing your me, your inner self, the part of you that reaches out and embraces everything there is.