The injury problems that we have had in the NFL this year might be related to how much guys are doing to stay in shape. It might be hard for guys to be bigger, faster, stronger, and great at football if they are not in perfect shape, but you need to look at how pitchers in the Mets organization are trained. The pitchers for the Mets get hurt too much because they are working out too much, and we often look at guys like David Wells who were able to pitch for decades at a time because they have a little bit of rubber to protect them. Maybe the medical and workout trends in football have surpassed the violence of the game.

Players might be too fragile.

Low body fat

Low Body Fat is something that causes football players to get hurt a lot because they have no protection. If you look at quarterbacks who are not oversized or overweight, they can get hurt really easily because they tend to have thinner frames. No one is saying that a quarterback should weigh 300 pounds, but the quarterbacks might be too small. Wide receivers and cornerbacks are probably in the same camp, and that is why they might get hurt a little bit more than others.

Weak joints

Weak joints are a result of guys who have worked out so hard that they just cannot keep their joints in check. I feel bad for a lot of guys who have no cartilage in their bodies, and that makes them prone to injury.

The injuries that they sustain are often so intense that they have a hard time coming back. It gets worse and worse until they have mobility issues when they retire, and it seems to be getting worse over time. We have had some amazing players retire early because they wanted to be able to have some mobility later in life. Look at Patrick Willis and Calvin Johnson.

These two guys were able to get out of the game early, and that means that they could have sustained a lot more injuries if they had stayed. Some guys do stay, and they are so fit that they ake the worst beatings of them all.

Changing everything from tackling to workouts

Pete Carroll has already started a tackling revolution by teaching his players to rugby tackle, and we might see workout programs change so that guys can have the right body mass to be able to withstand a game that might be too dangerous to play in the first place. That is why we have training staffs on every team that are trying to make sure that they can help their players stay healthy. These players need more care, better tackling, and less weights.