peyton manning once had an Incident with a female trainer in college that we will not go into here. It is safe to assume that most people have heard of it, but it looks pretty unsavory if you believe the trainer's account of the story. So Peyton Manning went into hiding mode and decided to be the upstanding citizen on the outside and the prankster on the inside. That would be funny or endearing if you thought that hiding your real persona made any sense at all. Therefore, we never saw the real Peyton Manning, and that is sad.

Why hide?

This is what a jock has to do to get elected to public office.

He has to make sure that all his pranks are covered up and no one will ever speak of them in public. If someone were to come out and say that he took Part in a prank he would have a bunch of people lining up to say it was not him. This is all a part of how the privileged athlete hides who they really are so that you will think all they do is go to work, say "aww shucks," and go home. It is sad to think that he was someone else and we never knew. I feel a little bad for rooting for him, and that does not even include the trainer incident mentioned in the opening of this article.

Lying makes you look bad after the fact

Now that Manning is retired, it looks really bad that he wants us all to know what a fun-loving guy he is because hiding might have been a distraction while he was playing.

He is really just trying to keep himself in the news now that the Colts are going to retire his number. That makes him look like a publicity hound, and it might be one of the reasons why they tell you not to meet your heroes. I would not want to be around someone who played pranks on me and then pretended it was not them only to come out later and use that to their benefit.

Then, they pretend they were being humble now that they are fabulously wealthy and famous beyond belief.

Remember Kobe's indiscretion?

Vanessa Bryant has a gigantic ring that is the line of demarcation for when Kobe apologized for the incident he had in a lodge in Colorado. It was one of the most unsavory things that could have ever happened in the NBA, and he at least owned up to it.

It is much easier to respect Kobe Bryant simply because he was honest about it. It might not have been good in any respect, but he was honest.

He is retired

Peyton Manning should not be in the news. He is retired, and he needs to stay out of the spotlight. It is hard to take him seriously when he is making sure we all know he is great after he retires. You have to wonder how insecure someone has to be to do that.