The possibilities of a nuclear war with North Korea is becoming strong, and the United States has taken many decisions to keep its forces fighting fit. One of these measures is to ensure that its fleet of B-52 bombers is on 24X7 alert to get airborne at short notice.

The second measure is to conduct a two-day joint exercise of tracking missiles with its allies South Korea and Japan. The purpose is to fine-tune their responses in the event of any missile or nuclear threat from the North. The venue would be in the waters off the coasts of South Korea and Japan.

This missile tracking drill is a part of the regular joint exercises that began in October 2016 based on an agreement between America and South Korea.

Warships will be involved

Daily Mail UK reports that the drill will include warships of the United States, South Korea, and Japan. Their task would be to detect and track the target while sharing information. The destroyers that will participate in the exercise have been identified, and the frequency of such drills are usually at intervals of a few months.

Tensions with North Korea have been escalating, and fears of a nuclear war appear to be imminent. Therefore, the war room strategists have evolved suitable action plans to tackle the threats. It would be safe to assume that Pyongyang is aware of the preparations.

It has labeled South Korea as a puppet in the hands of America, and from its responses, it is evident that the regime of Kim Jong-un would be honing its weapons.

How will things shape up

North Korea is an unknown entity, its leader Kim Jong-un is unpredictable, and their combination can create a situation that could lead to a nuclear war.

Pyongyang has claimed to have developed ICBMs that can reach the United States mainland and, is believed to have detonated a hydrogen bomb. It has identified a few probable targets and has sent two missiles in the direction of Japan which is an ally of America.

Obviously, the country is trying to make its presence felt. It is known to have sprung surprises in the past with its missile tests and, needs to be handled with kid gloves.

Efforts to garner peace appear to have been put on the back burner by the leaders with confrontation emerging as the common solution.

This is not a desirable scenario because a nuclear war will lead to loss of lives in thousands, and the devastation that can result from such a war will take decades to return to normal. It is still not too late for the leaders to take a second look, and avoid the war instead of repenting later.