In the midst of numerous allegations that Russia interfered in the U.S. 2016 election, Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to Moscow met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, on Tuesday. According to the Wall Street Journal, in the meeting between Jon Huntsman and Vladimir Putin, Putin stated that he hoped the U.S would refrain from interfering in Russia's "domestic affairs." Jon Huntsman, previously, during his confirmation hearing to become the ambassador to Moscow, acknowledged, unequivocally, that Russia interfered in the U.S. election.

Russia states terms of cooperation with the US

Putin stated that the cooperation between Moscow and Washington is based on “strict adherence to the principles of equality, respect of national interests and noninterference in domestic affairs.” Currently, the United States intelligence agencies have claimed that Russia has interfered in the US domestic affairs. It is alleged that Putin used bot accounts and fake news about Hillary Clinton to discredit her and help Donald Trump win the election. They placed thousands of ads on Facebook creating damaging ads about Hillary Clinton.

It is further alleged that they hacked personal email accounts of Clinton and her allies and assisted in releasing them to discredit Hillary Clinton.

Despite this alleged interference, Vladimir has stated the terms of cooperation with the United States. A sovereign nation, like the United States, has an obligation to protect its nation from threats from foreign powers.

If Russia truly interfered in the US election, then the US cannot agree to Russia's terms. However, the fact that Russia is setting the terms of cooperation, after allegedly interfering in the US institutions, is very bold.

Russia is sending a subtle threat to the U.S.

It is clear that Putin is warning the United States that they will not cooperate or remain cordial if the United States does not meet their terms.

Russia should not be in a position to negotiate the terms of cooperation, but once Donald Trump became President, they have felt much more emboldened to challenge the United States. They previously warned the US about invading North Korea. Russia expelled US diplomats from their country, during Trump's Presidency after President Barack Obama expelled Russian diplomats as a sanction for Russian interference. It is also alleged that Russia recently blocked the US from interfering with North Korea's internet capabilities.

With all of these actions by Russia, it seems that they believe that they have the upper-hand in this relationship. It further seems as though Russia is constantly sending messages to the US with warnings about how the US can operate. This recent tone, and terms, from Vladimir, indicate that Russia wants the US to mind their own business or there will be consequences.