Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, is allegedly annoyed with Donald Trump for a number of reasons. According to a report from NBC, Tillerson called Trump a “moron” after Trump gave a controversial speech to the Boy Scouts. They further argue that Tillerson is frustrated with Trump for consistently undercutting him and he doesn't agree with Trump's positions on numerous foreign policy issues. Tillerson has denied these claims. After this denial, Trump went to Twitter and accused NBC of deliberately fabricating this report. NBC has stated, unequivocally, that they stand by their reporting that Rex and Donald are not getting along.

The tension between Trump and Tillerson becomes public

The disagreements between the two of them have spilled into the public. However, it seems that Tillerson has been frustrated with Trump for a while now. It is further alleged that Donald is upset with Rex for his response on Trump’s comments after the tragedy in Charlottesville. Nevertheless, the majority of their disagreements stem from their opposing views on how to handle foreign policy.

NBC states that Rex felt undermined by Trump’s response to his diplomatic efforts dealing with North Korea.

In a series of tweets by the president, he told Rex he was wasting his time trying diplomacy with “Rocket Man.” These tweets came right after Tillerson had stated that the US would seek diplomatic options in responding to the tension with North Korea.

There are other instances in which Tillerson and Trump clashed. In one instance, Rex requested that countries “ease their blockade of Qatar.” After that request, the president said the Saudi-led effort was necessary, which directly conflicts with what Rex requested.

Trump also disagreed with Tillerson on how to handle the crisis in Venezuela. In addition, the president denied his request that the US should force Israel to repay money he felt the US was owed.

Tillerson’s tenure as Secretary of State has been rocky

There have been complaints about the way Tillerson has run the State Department.

Sources close to the situation have said that he does not return phone calls, has failed to hire enough staff in the State Department, he’s clashed with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, on foreign policy, and refused to speak with the media at times.

It is no wonder that Donald and Rex are reportedly in opposition to each other. Tillerson seems to be a difficult Secretary of State and Trump seems to be a more difficult boss. Although Tillerson, today, denies there was any friction between the two, it is obvious that something is transpiring. It must be noted that Rex didn’t expressly deny calling Trump a “moron.

If Rex decides to stay as the Secretary of State, it will be interesting to watch the two men interact after this report from NBC.