On October 9, during the Monday Night Football game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings, the second preview to "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" was introduced to the world. This trailer showed much more content than the previous one. Some even believed it was too much of a spoiler and took to social media to express this opinion.

For others, it got them excited. We were finally able to see Rey and Luke training together, and Finn out of his unconscious state. The trailer made 'The Last Jedi' look like an action packed, darker, and more emotional movie than the last.

With little shown, much to left to interpret, and a history of "Star Wars" trailer deceiving viewers, here is my take on what to expect from the upcoming movie.

Finn & Poe Dameron

It is relieving to see Finn out of the comatose state he was in when "The Force Awakens" ended. We see him in two major scenes throughout the trailer. In one, he is battling Captain Phasma, and the other he looks as if he was captured and being brought somewhere. Now, these two could be related — Finn could very well lose the fight to his former boss and be taken prisoner to the First Order.

Or these two could have no correlation. However, I do believe he will be captured by the enemy at one point in this film and that new information will be spilled. My guess is that it is about Finn's past as a child or training. Maybe we will even learn who his parents are (if they are anyone notable).

Poe, on the other hand doesn't have anything too special going on.

You can hear him rallying the troops, and. of course. you see him in his flight suit. We all came to love Poe in the first movie, but I cannot see his role being as large in this one.

"The Last Jedi" will probably have an even stronger focus on Rey than "The Force Awakens" and much more screen time for characters like Supreme Leader Snoke and Luke Skywalker.

One thing I could see from Poe is a friendship forming between Rey and Chewbacca. Besides that, he is going to have a larger role than most, but will probably be overshadowed by more characters.

Supreme leader Snoke

I am probably more excited about Snoke than anybody else in the movie not named Rey. What has me interested in him are fan theories about his past. It is hard to understand how someone so powerful could have flown under everyone's radar for so long. His name stands for "A Sith No One Knew Existed", as pointed out by Adelaide Violet in her article "'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' spoilers: What we know so far." But that does not answer any questions. It only increases curiosity as to how he remained so low profile for so long.

My favorite theory is, without a doubt, the one that states Snoke is the last Jedi that the title refers to. This theory explains the thought that the Jedi's ancient and original ways have changed greatly over time, and Snoke is the last one of the original form.

There are other theories out there, including Snoke being Mace Windu, Darth Plaguies, and a plethora of other people. Watch out for subtle hints on his past throughout the movie. Rian Johnson said he does not go too in depth about Snoke's background in the film, and I believe him. Yet, I am still going to have an open eye for anything mentioned about his backstory.

Luke Skywalker

In the two-minute span of the trailer, we can probably see why Mark Hamill disagreed about Rian Johnson's choices for Luke.

He appears scared of Rey's powers and instead of helping her, decides to abandon her. This does not sound like the Luke Skywalker we know, but my guess is that the first Jedi temple has scared him or changed him in some way.

Abandoning Rey is a fine way to have them go their different ways so the plot can go on, but I doubt their time on screen together stops there. I believe Luke will show up later in the movie to save the day when everything is going wrong, or possibly sacrifice himself for the Resistance or Rey. One battle we would all love to see Luke fighting Snoke.

If that were to happen, either no one would win or Luke would get killed. Snoke appears to be the main antagonist of the sixth, seventh, and eighth episodes.

Even more so than Kylo Ren. Regardless, I would be shocked if the last we hear of Luke Skywalker in "The Last Jedi" is when his training with Rey ends.

Kylo Ren

Kylo is going to be a massive part of this film. Even more than in "The Force Awakens". "The Last Jedi" appears to be a darker film with more internal conflict going on. This fits Kylo Ren's personality perfectly. We already know he still feels attraction to the light side of the force, and the last scene of the latest trailer could actually be him extending his hand to join Rey.

I would be a bit surprised, but not totally if Kylo joins the light. If that were to happen, then the ninth movie would have to be him and Rey trying to take down Snoke.

But, my guess is that the scene mentioned is completely different from the one shown right before it where Rey is asking for help.

Watch out for Kylo's internal conflict as that will be a major plotline in the story. He may switch sides in the battle between the Resistance and the First Order, but even if he does not, big changes are coming to the Kylo Ren storyline.


At last we come Rey. We know the beginning of the movie is going to be her training with Luke, there is no secret about that. Then, from what the latest trailer has shown, we can assume that Luke becomes scared away from her natural power via PTSD from Ben Solo (now Kylo Ren).

Lucasfilm crafted this trailer very carefully to make you believe what they want you to.

Putting the abrupt ending with Luke early on, and then making it as if Rey is asking Kylo Ren to help her and guide her makes you wonder if Luke's failure to train

Rey brought her to the dark side. Is she joining the First Order just based on the fact that they have a plan and role for her? I don't buy it. If you look closely, the backgrounds behind Kylo Ren and Rey are different. Behind Kylo Ren there are embers and flames falling around him, yet behind Rey there is nothing but darkness. It is hard to believe that such drastic differences would be going on behind them if they are only an arms length away.

I think Rey asking for guidance occurs earlier in the movie when she is with Luke, and that there is no correlation to the two scenes.

Furthermore, I am still not sure what to make of the Kylo Ren arm extension.

If the scenes were connected I firmly believe it would be Kylo joining Rey and the Resistance. If not, it may truly be Rey joining the dark side. But it is hard to believe she would do that only because of Luke abandoning her. So many different scenarios can occur with Rey, and it is driving me crazy, but I don't think that she goes to the dark side. If anything, Kylo will come back to the light. As of now, I think both stay on the same side of the force they began the movie at.


This past trailer may have given too much away, but it certainly got people excited. It appears that the movie is going to be darker than past "Star Wars" films and be more action-packed.

I really hope that this movie does not feel disconnected at all from "The Force Awakens," but the changing of directors has me wary. A lot is going to happen, and someone who may have been an antagonist will become a protagonist or vice versa.

December is right around the corner, but it cannot come soon enough. Watch the trailer again below.