People Focus on the unfortunate comments and tweets of President Trump. Instead, they should focus on the positive aspects of what he brings to the country. Trump has the exceptional ability to fight, and he has recovered from bankruptcy and grown his personal business. We need a person who supports US economic recovery and creates real jobs. Trump can win and has the killer instinct. Moreover, he intends to use his skills to stimulate the US economy and building its infrastructure.

Ignore Trump's tweets

As reported by the Washington Post, the White House is unmoored because of the unhelpful comments of its captain.

His comments have not been right for the US race relations issue, the tweets appear wrongly timed for international politics, and his remarks seem to radicalize the enemies of the country. However, Trump brings with him the ability to fight and tolerates no lukewarm policies.

Trump can deliver

Even though it may seem that Trump was born rich, he has survived bankruptcy and has shown remarkable tenacity in the face of adversity. Currently, the USA needs to start growing and Trump is the right person to lead the county. He supports American companies that create and accumulate wealth. He can create real jobs and increase the worth of our country instead of being subservient to foreign countries.

Most importantly, he supports religious values. He supports the religious right of Americans and protects their spiritual values. He does not support a spineless foreign policy, nor does he encourage the growth of national debt. Also, he is a person who can take charge of the US economy and bring the country back from bankruptcy.

Stimulate the economy

Trump is the winner that the United States needs. He has increased the optimism of business people and investors. Further, he plans to spend a huge sum of money on rebuilding the country’s ports, water systems, roads, and bridges. Several businesses including small and medium-sized businesses have reacted positively to Trump’s initiatives.

They feel that the cost of doing business will decline. One of the strongest reasons for the optimism is that he promises serious tax cuts, improving the tax law, and making it easy for American companies to bring in huge profits stashed abroad to the US. In addition, he intends to make the cost of doing business come down. The tax cuts have the potential to stimulate the economy and act as a boon for American businesses.