Twice a day hundreds of thousands of people go on to the HQ Trivia app to play in an attempt to win real money. The Game Show, hosted by Scott Rogowski, plays twice a day at 3 PM and 9 PM ET. 12 questions are asked, answer them right and you move onto the next one, answer one wrong and you are eliminated. The few who answer all 12 correct win money and split the pot with everyone else who won. So far, the pot has ranged from $1000 to over $8000. Since its launch in August, the app has only been available in the App Store. However, a recent Tweet sent out by HQ makes it appear that Android users will not be in the dark for much longer with a tweet that sounds like the app will be available around Christmas time.

What makes HQ different?

There are many apps that are games where you can win money or just fun trivia games, but what makes HQ special? Simply put, it is the opportunity to win money and the live-streaming combined. You could play Deal or no Deal or Family Feud on an app on your phone but there is nothing at stake. You could also play a game for money such as Daily Bracket, Streak for the Cash, or maybe just online betting. But HQ allows you to feel like you made it on to a real game show like you see on TV. You are answering questions with a host who is live with you, and you are competing against hundreds of thousands of others.

You get to see how many people answer each question as the number continues to decrease. But once you answer a question wrong, you only have to wait until 3 PM ET the next day or 9 PM ET that night before you can try to redeem yourself. It should be no surprise that HQ has quickly become very popular.

Should HQ users worry?

HQ Trivia has been a great success in its first year, sometimes even too much for its own good.

Lagging has been a big issue for everyone and is basically guaranteed every time someone logs on to play. Recently the servers went down and people had to wait around 30 minutes for HQ Trivia to get its servers back and play. Because it is still new, HQ still has much of the iPhone market untapped. Add in the new wave of Android users, and the problems users have had in the past could be exacerbated.

HQ has needed to upgrade its technology, but that issue will only be more prevalent if they don't make any changes or improvements with the addition of the Android version. It should, without a doubt, be able to adapt, or else they would not be expanding. Do not be surprised if shortly they create the Android App they run into more issues.