The following story is a couple of days old but is worth delving into since former President George W. Bush has gotten the strange new respect treatment from the left. It seems that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, during a speech, that "Wouldn't it be nice if [Romney] were president of the United States?" The statement has, to put the matter mildly, caused eyebrows to rise across the United States.

Didn’t Romney give a woman cancer?

During the 2012 campaign. Pelosi and her fellow Democrats were not quite so willing to see a Romney presidency.

Didn’t he give a woman cancer? Romney also said that he had binders full of women. Romney even mistreated the family dog once. He said that Russia was the main enemy of the United States four short years before the Democrats said the same thing. Romney was rich, and we all know what that means. He was also a Mormon, and we certainly know what that means? The idea of a Romney presidency was a stench in the nostrils of the Democrats to be avoided at all hazards.

What would a Romney presidency be like?

To be sure, in an alternate universe where Romney limited Barack Obama to a single term, Donald Trump would be still ensconced in the Trump Tower, giving out occasional interviews, and being the host of the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice things would likely be better and certainly calmer.

The idea of a Trump presidency would still be considered as crazy as it always had been, at least until it happened.

Romney would indeed have been a more competent president than Obama ever dreamed of being. A businessman, he had more of an idea about how the economy worked. Overseas, he would not have allowed things to go entirely to hell to the degree that Obama did.

ISIS would likely have not have existed to the extent that it did.

On the other hand, Romney in the White House would likely have driven conservatives crazy with his moderate approach to governance. This tendency would have been especially pronounced if, as one might expect, the Democrats recaptured the House and kept the Senate in 2014.

Romney had been governor of deep blue Massachusetts after all and knew how to work with Democratic legislators, which was basically to stop some of their more onerous excesses but otherwise compromise and cave in. No wonder Pelosi is wistful.

So, Democrats, you had your chance. You rejected Romney. You rejected McCain. You poured hatred on Bush like the bowls of wrath. Now you have Trump, proof of the old saying, be careful what you wish for.