It has now been eleven months since this circus that masquerades as a Donald Trump presidency begun. Every single day there has been nothing but chaos coming from what used to be respected as the highest office in the land. This an has so disgraced the nation that two of the five former living presidents have broken the rule of silence regarding a current administration, and spoken out on the state of America. Rather than at least try to appear presidential number 45 continues to disrespect the United States, and show his indifference to People Of Color. His latest target is the individual he refers to as the "Wacky Congresswoman."

Donald Trump needs to be impeached ASAP

Presidents are human and make mistakes, but Number 45 is a first in American history.

This man willfully and purposefully antagonizes anyone who does not agree with him. His ire seems to be raised especially high when dealing with people of color. The slow response to the crisis in Puerto Rico and his throwing paper towels at Hurricane ravished citizens on the Island was condescending. Now he is arguing with Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and referring to her as "wacky."

If any previous commander in chief had any issues with U.S. citizens because of race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, etc. they never let it show in any public setting. Number 45 has allowed his disdain for women, African Americans, the disabled, and those in the LBGTQ community to be expressed publicly and without shame.

Donald Trump uses Twitter as a bully pulpit and gets thousands of likes for his childishness. Something needs to be done about him ASAP. He should immediately be impeached before things get any worse in this nation.

Number 45 appears to be mentally incompetent

Donald Trump continues to use the term "Crooked Hillary," and now he refers to Frederica Wilson as "wacky." In truth, a growing number of Americans believe it is Number 45 who is "wacky" and "crooked." The United States now looks like a sideshow to the rest of the world because the commander in chief operates as if he is still on a reality show and needs a rating boost.

Increasing numbers of people are saying this man appears to be mentally incompetent and he at least needs a psychological evaluation.

The fact that the five living former presidents have united to raise money for hurricane victims, and two of them have spoken out about the current state of affairs in this nation should be taken very seriously. This sends a strong message that even Donald Trump's staunchest supporters that he seems to be mentally incompetent. It really is time to have this man removed from office.